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Heal is a move skill accessible if the Pokémon knows either Milk Drink or Softboiled.

Using Heal causes the Pokémon to heal the targeted Pokémon (pointed at by the player) by ⅕ of the maximum health of the Pokémon using Heal. The user of Heal will lose this amount of health in the process. If the Pokémon to be healed would be healed past its maximum health by the transferred health, the Pokémon's health will be set to its maximum and the excess health will be wasted, still included in the damage to the Pokémon using Heal. It is possible for the user to faint in the process of using Heal if its health is low enough.

Heal is able to be used on any Pokémon not at full health, including the player's other Pokémon, wild Pokémon, and Pokémon owned by other players. However, Heal may not be used on a Pokémon that is currently in a battle. Heal will not work on entities that are not Pokémon, including players and non-Pokémon mobs.

Heal has a 15 second cooldown.

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