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From Pixelmon Wiki

Human-Like is one of the fifteen Egg Groups.


Pokémon Egg Groups
Abra Human-Like
Kadabra Human-Like
Alakazam Human-Like
Machop Human-Like
Machoke Human-Like
Machamp Human-Like
Drowzee Human-Like
Hypno Human-Like
Hitmonlee Human-Like
Hitmonchan Human-Like
Mr. Mime Human-Like
Jynx Human-Like
Electabuzz Human-Like
Magmar Human-Like
Hitmontop Human-Like
Makuhita Human-Like
Hariyama Human-Like
Sableye Human-Like
Meditite Human-Like
Medicham Human-Like
Volbeat Bug/Human-Like
Illumise Bug/Human-Like
Spinda Field/Human-Like
Cacnea Grass/Human-Like
Cacturne Grass/Human-Like
Chimchar Field/Human-Like
Monferno Field/Human-Like
Infernape Field/Human-Like
Buneary Field/Human-Like
Lopunny Field/Human-Like
Lucario Field/Human-Like
Croagunk Human-Like
Toxicroak Human-Like
Electivire Human-Like
Magmortar Human-Like
Timburr Human-Like
Gurdurr Human-Like
Conkeldurr Human-Like
Throh Human-Like
Sawk Human-Like
Gothita Human-Like
Gothorita Human-Like
Gothitelle Human-Like
Elgyem Human-Like
Beheeyem Human-Like
Mienfoo Field/Human-Like
Mienshao Field/Human-Like
Pawniard Human-Like
Bisharp Human-Like
Pancham Field/Human-Like
Pangoro Field/Human-Like
Hawlucha Human-Like
Toxtricity Human-Like
Mr. Rime Human-Like
Scorbunny Field/Human-Like
Raboot Field/Human-Like
Cinderace Field/Human-Like
Clobbopus Water 1/Human-Like
Grapploct Water 1/Human-Like
Impidimp Fairy/Human-Like
Morgrem Fairy/Human-Like
Grimmsnarl Fairy/Human-Like
Ralts Amorphous/Human-Like
Kirlia Amorphous/Human-Like
Gallade Amorphous/Human-Like
Gardevoir Amorphous/Human-Like

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