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From Pixelmon Wiki

ItemFinder is a Pixelmon sidemod that adds certain Pixelmon items to chests generated in Minecraft structures such as dungeons and villages.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version ItemFinder version
1.8.9 4.3 2.1.0

ItemFinder is server-side and does not need to be installed by each individual player to be used.

Starting with Minecraft 1.10.2 versions of Pixelmon, ItemFinder has been rendered obsolete by loot tables. As such, ItemFinder will no longer receive updates.

Minecraft launcher

  1. Download ItemFinder here.
  2. Place the downloaded jar file in the mods folder.

Pixelmon launcher

  1. Edit your profile and choose the "Add Official Sidemod" option.
  2. Select ItemFinder from the list.


ItemFinder adds Poké Balls, Master Balls, Rare Candies, and evolution stones to chests in generated Minecraft structures, including:


Different items only spawn in certain structures.

Grid Dawn Stone.pngDawn Stone

Grid Dusk Stone.pngDusk Stone

Grid Fire Stone.pngFire Stone

Grid Leaf Stone.pngLeaf Stone

Grid Master Ball.pngMaster Ball

Grid Moon Stone.pngMoon Stone

Grid Poké Ball.pngPoké Ball

Grid Rare Candy.pngRare Candy

Grid Sun Stone.pngSun Stone

Grid Water Stone.pngWater Stone


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

  • /ifreload: Reloads ItemFinder's config file for the world, allowing newly generated chests to use the updated config settings.


  • /ifreload: itemfinder.command.ifreload

Config settings

  • "Chest loot": Settings for the maximum stack size of each item that can occur in chests.
  • "Custom loot rarity": Settings for determining the relative rarity of items compared to other items that can spawn in chests.
  • "Preset option 1": Allows Poké Balls, Master Balls, and Rare Candies to spawn with preset rarities.
  • "Should custom values be used?": Allows Poké Balls, Rare Candies, and evolution stones to spawn with rarities set in the config file.

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