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From Pixelmon Wiki
Type NormalType.pngNormal
Category  Special
Power  100
Accuracy  100%
PP  10
Priority  0
Target  Single target
TM/Tutor  None
External move  None

Judgment is a damaging Normal-type move that's type depends on the plate the user is holding. Judgment will always be Normal if Magic Room is in effect.


By level

Pokémon Level Type
Arceus 100 NormalType.pngNormal [[File:{{{4}}}Type.png|16px|link={{{4}}}]][[{{{4}}}|{{{4}}}]]

Typing From Each Plate

Plate Type
No Plate NormalType.pngNormal
Grid Draco Plate.pngDraco Plate DragonType.pngDragon
Grid Dread Plate.pngDread Plate DarkType.pngDark
Grid Earth Plate.pngEarth Plate GroundType.pngGround
Grid Fist Plate.pngFist Plate FightingType.pngFighting
Grid Flame Plate.pngFlame Plate FireType.pngFire
Grid Icicle Plate.pngIcicle Plate IceType.pngIce
Grid Insect Plate.pngInsect Plate BugType.pngBug
Grid Iron Plate.pngIron Plate SteelType.pngSteel
Grid Meadow Plate.pngMeadow Plate GrassType.pngGrass
Grid Mind Plate.pngMind Plate PsychicType.pngPsychic
Grid Pixie Plate.pngPixie Plate FairyType.pngFairy
Grid Sky Plate.pngSky Plate FlyingType.pngFlying
Grid Splash Plate.pngSplash Plate WaterType.pngWater
Grid Spooky Plate.pngSpooky Plate GhostType.pngGhost
Grid Stone Plate.pngStone Plate RockType.pngRock
Grid Toxic Plate.pngToxic Plate PoisonType.pngPoison
Grid Zap Plate.pngZap Plate ElectricType.pngElectric

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