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From Pixelmon Wiki

Medicine is used to heal or strengthen a Pokémon. Of the medicine available in Pixelmon, only the normal Potion, Fresh Water, Soda Pop, Lemonade, and Moomoo Milk can be crafted. All types of medicine can be dropped from boss Pokémon, found in PokéLoot chests, or obtained with Pickup. Some can be created in a Brewing Stand using Berries. All recipes can be found on the Brewing Recipes page. Vitamins can be crafted using the Infuser.

The kinds of medicine currently in Pixelmon include:

HP-restoring items

These items restore a Pokémon's HP.

Status-healing items

These items heal statuses on a Pokémon.

PP-restoring items

These items restore PP on a Pokémon's moves.


These items heal fainted Pokémon.

Battle items

These items temporarily raise a Pokémon's stats in battle.


These items raise a Pokémon's EVs.


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