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Mirror Herb

From Pixelmon Wiki
Grid Mirror Herb.png

A Mirror Herb is a type of held item that can be given to a Pokémon. It is used to copy an opponents stat-increase once. When a Pokémon in battle uses a stat-increasing move, the Mirror Herb will activate and copy the stat-increase, raising the users stat(s) too. For example, if an opponent uses the move Swords Dance, the Mirror Herb will activate and also raise the users Attack attack by two stages once.

When used for breeding, the Mirror Herb will allow a Pokémon with an empty move slot to be given an Egg move from the other Pokémon in the Daycare. The Pokémon do not need to be compatible nor produce an offspring, they just simply need to be in the daycare.

It can be obtained via Forage, various chest loot or as a tier 2 special drop.



Main article: Forage

Item Biome Environment Rarity
Grid Mirror Herb.pngMirror Herb All Forests
Any 30

Chest loot

Item Structure Container Quantity Chance
Grid Mirror Herb.pngMirror Herb Day Care Chest 1 3%

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