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Each individual Pokémon has a Nature that influences its stats. This Nature is randomly determined upon encountering the Pokémon and cannot be changed legitimately once caught. Each Nature raises one stat by 10% and decreases another stat by 10%. No Natures influence HP, and certain Natures don't affect stats at all.

Prior to catching them, a Pokémon's Nature can be changed by having the Synchronize ability on the first Pokémon in your party, setting the Nature to be the same as the Pokémon with the ability.

After catching it, the nature can only be changed by /pokeedit or similar commands, but can also be effectively changed by using a Mint on it, which changes the stats boosted and reduced to reflect another Nature instead.

Within NBT tags, Natures are stored as numerical IDs. These numbers are only useful when editing Pokémon NBT data externally.

Nature Increased stat Decreased stat ID
Adamant Attack Special Attack 7
Bashful None None 3
Bold Defense Attack 9
Brave Attack Speed 6
Calm Special Defense Attack 21
Careful Special Defense Special Attack 24
Docile None None 2
Gentle Special Defense Defense 22
Hardy None None 0
Hasty Speed Defense 14
Impish Defense Special Attack 11
Jolly Speed Special Attack 15
Lax Defense Special Defense 12
Lonely Attack Defense 5
Mild Special Attack Defense 18
Modest Special Attack Attack 17
Naive Speed Special Defense 16
Naughty Attack Special Defense 8
Quiet Special Attack Speed 19
Quirky None None 4
Rash Special Attack Special Defense 20
Relaxed Defense Speed 10
Sassy Special Defense Speed 23
Serious None None 1
Timid Speed Attack 13

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