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Nuzlocke is a Pixelmon sidemod that introduces a mechanic to release player-owned Pokémon if they faint in battle. It is based on the fan-made Nuzlocke challenge in the Pokémon games.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Nuzlocke version
1.8.9 4.3 2.0.2

Nuzlocke is server-side and does not need to be installed by each individual player to be used.

Minecraft launcher

  1. Download Nuzlocke here.
  2. Place the downloaded jar file in the mods folder.

Pixelmon launcher

  1. Edit your profile and choose the "Add Official Sidemod" option.
  2. Select Nuzlocke from the list.


Nuzlocke introduces three rules into Pixelmon, derived from Nuzlocke challenges in the Pokémon games. These rules can be customized in the Nuzlocke config file.

  • If Nuzlocke is installed, all player-owned Pokémon that faint in battles against wild Pokémon or NPC Trainers will be permanently released upon the conclusion of the battle. In battles against other players, the mod is more forgiving; if the player loses the battle, one Pokémon will be released and the other Pokémon will be revived with 1 HP remaining, while if the player either wins the battle or reaches a draw, all fainted Pokémon will be revived with 1 HP and none of them will be released. Each time a Pokémon is released because of Nuzlocke, a message will be broadcast to the server with the name of the player and the released Pokémon's level, species, and nickname.
    • If a player loses all Pokémon and has no Pokémon remaining in his/her party and PC, the player will receive a new starter Pokémon.
  • When obtaining a starter Pokémon, the player will not have to option to choose a new starter Pokémon; instead, a Pokémon will be randomly chosen among the available starter Pokémon.
  • Master Balls and Park Balls cannot be used to catch Pokémon.

Nuzlocke also keeps track of several stats about the player, including win/loss ratios, the number of Pokémon caught, the number of Pokémon lost, and an Elo rating based on performance against other players. These stats are reset if the player loses all of his/her Pokémon.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here. Each of the following commands can be referred to with a full name or an abbreviation. The abbreviations are listed in parentheses.

  • /nuzchallenge <player>: Challenges another player to a battle if the other player has battle challenges enabled. Alias: /nc
  • /nuzelo: Displays the Elo ratings of the top 4 players. Alias: /nelo
  • /nuzhide <challenges|messages>: Toggles a setting on the player. Alias: /nhide
    • challenges: Whether to allow battle challenges from other players with /nuzchallenge.
    • messages: Whether to receive messages whenever a player's Pokémon is released by Nuzlocke.
  • /nuzinfo <player>: Displays information about the specified player. Alias: /ninfo
    • The time that the player last received a starter Pokémon (when the player last "started an adventure").
    • The player's win/loss ratio against wild Pokémon and NPC Trainers.
    • The player's win/loss ratio against other players.
    • The player's Elo rating.
    • The number of Pokémon the player has captured.
    • The number of Pokémon that the player has lost due to fainting.


  • /nuzchallenge: nuzlocke.command.nuzchallenge
  • /nuzelo: nuzlocke.command.nuzelo
  • /nuzhide: nuzlocke.command.nuzhide
  • /nuzinfo: nuzlocke.command.nuzinfo

Config settings

  • Allow use of Master/Park Balls: Whether players are allowed to catch Pokémon with Master Balls and Park Balls.
  • Broadcast Pokémon deaths: Whether to display server messages when a player's Pokémon is released by Nuzlocke.
  • Broadcast Pokémon nicknames: Whether to display the nicknames of Pokémon in Nuzlocke server messages.
  • Use Trainer ID for starter: If enabled, players will be randomly given a starter Pokémon instead of being given the option to choose one.

Nuzlocke mode settings

These settings are related to how Nuzlocke will handle fainted Pokémon at certain times. Each mode is referred to with a different number from 1-3.

Number Name Description
1 Strict All fainted Pokémon will be released when the battle ends.
2 Relaxed One fainted Pokémon will be released when the battle ends. All other fainted Pokémon will be revived with 1 HP remaining.
3 Off No Pokémon will be released. All fainted Pokémon will be revived with 1 HP remaining.
  • Check fainted Pokémon on login mode: When the player logs in.
  • PvE Nuzlocke mode: At the end of battles against wild Pokémon or NPC Trainers.
  • PvP Nuzlocke mode for cases of draws: When the player's battle reaches a draw against other players.
  • PvP Nuzlocke mode for the loser's Pokémon: When the player loses against other players.
  • PvP Nuzlocke mode for the winner's Pokémon: When the player wins against other players.

Database settings

Nuzlocke stores its player data in a database, which can be customized using the config file.

  • Database: The name of the database.
  • Host: The host IP of the database.
  • Password: The password of the user used to access the database.
  • Port: The database's port number.
  • Storage: The type of database to use. This can be either "SQL" (H2) or "MYSQL" (MySQL).
  • User: The username used to access the database.


  • The random choice for starter Pokémon is based on the optional Nuzlocke challenge rule that makes players pick their starter Pokémon based on their Trainer IDs. In this mod, however, a random number is used instead of the player's Minecraft UUID in order to create the illusion of resetting the game and generating a new Trainer ID.

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