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Old Rod

From Pixelmon Wiki
Grid Old Rod.png

The Old Rod is the most basic fishing rod in Pixelmon. It is crafted like a vanilla fishing rod, but with a Poké Ball at the end. An Old Rod is able to catch common Pokémon. It is used in a similar way as a Minecraft fishing rod, although when a Pokémon is hooked, a "!" will appear in the chatbox rather than the bob being pulled down, similar to fishing in the Pokémon games. This is available to be done in both Water and Lava. It is a possible drop from common and uncommon boss Pokémon.



Item Ingredients Crafting recipe
Old Rod Stick +
String +
Poké Ball





Poké Ball

Old Rod

Possible catches


Grid Bug Gem.pngBug Gem Jungles Day Any 50
Grid Dragon Gem.pngDragon Gem Mountainous Night Any 50
Grid Electric Gem.pngElectric Gem Mountainous Day Any 50
Grid Fairy Gem.pngFairy Gem Flowery Day Any 50
Grid Raw Fish.pngFish Any Any Any 50
Grid Flying Gem.pngFlying Gem Hills Night Any 50
Grid Ghost Gem.pngGhost Gem Forests Night Any 50
Grid Grass Gem.pngGrass Gem Plains Day Any 50
Grid Ice Gem.pngIce Gem Freezing Dusk Any 50
Grid Poison Gem.pngPoison Gem Swamps Dusk Any 50
Grid Psychic Gem.pngPsychic Gem Birches Dawn Any 50
Grid Water Gem.pngWater Gem Oceanic Dawn Any 50
Grid Alpha Shard.pngAlpha Shard Oceanic Any Any 10


Pokémon Biome Time Rarity
Arrokuda Oceanic, River Any Uncommon
Carvanha Oceanic, Jungles, River Any Uncommon
Froakie Swamps Any Ultra Rare
Goldeen Swamps, River, All Forests Any Uncommon
Horsea Oceanic Day Ultra Rare
Magikarp All Except Arid and Mesas Any Common
Roasted Magikarp All, in Lava Any Ultra Rare
Poliwag Swamps, River Day Uncommon
Slugma Arid, Savanna, Mesas In lava Any Uncommon
Tentacool Oceanic Day Uncommon
Tympole Swamps, River Night Uncommon
Tynamo Oceanic Any Ultra Rare
Wishiwashi Oceanic, Beaches Any Uncommon

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