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Pixelmon Auction

From Pixelmon Wiki

Pixelmon Auction is a Sponge plugin/server-side Pixelmon sidemod which allows players to auction their Pokémon to other players on the server.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Pixelmon Auction version
1.12.2 8.1.2 1.3.2
1.12.2 7.2.0+ 1.2.2
1.12.2 7.0+ 1.1.4
1.10.2 5.0.2+ 1.1.3
1.10.2 5.0.0-5.0.1 1.1.2
1.8.9 4.3 1.0.3

Pixelmon Auction only needs to be installed server-side. Additionally, SpongeForge and a Sponge economy plugin (e.g., TotalEconomy or EconomyLite) must be installed in order for it to function.

Pixelmon Auction is compatible with any SpongeForge version above 3616.

  1. Download Pixelmon Auction for your version of Minecraft here.
  2. Place the jar inside the mods folder in the server root directory (in the same directory as SpongeForge).
  3. Maybe reset your configuration file for every additions/features and the most part of values are configurables.


Pixelmon Auction allows players on a multiplayer server to create and bid on Pokémon auctions. Each auction have his unique id auto incremented at each new auction. A player can set up an auction with the /pauct command, which will create an auction selling a specified Pokémon in the player's party. When setting up an auction, the seller of the Pokémon may also customize the initial auction price and the bid increment amount. Bidders can then either bid manually via the /pabid <bid incrementation> command or click on the Pokémon auction in their chats to increase the bid by the increment set by the seller. At the end of the auction, the player with the highest bid will pay the amount specified in the bid in exchange for the offered Pokémon, while all other players involved in the bid will keep their money. You can restrict the usage of auctions against untradeables pokemon in the configuration file.

The price of Pokémon auctions can be defined in the configuration file. You can set a minimum price, a base price and an additional amount based on IV percentage, if the Pokémon has its hidden ability, is a legendary, is an ultrabeast or is shiny. This feature can be disabled.

There can only be one auction running on a server at a time, and players that attempt to create new ones while another auction is already in process will have their auctions saved and put into a queue (which will be processed in a first in, first out order). This queue can hold a maximum of ten auctions (not including the active auction and this value can be changed in the configuration file), and no new auctions can be created while the queue is full. While an auction is ongoing, the seller can cancel it before 30 seconds(can be changed on the configuration file); however, if the auction has not started and is still in the queue, the seller can cancel it without cooldown using the /pacancel command, and the Pokémon will be returned to their party.

To confirm the auction creation, you need to re-send the same command. If the slot, the price, the increment or the pokemon of the confirm command is different from the original command, the auction will be aborted. It will prevent players to auction the wrong pokemon. (and if they auction the wrong one, they can still use the /pacancel command before the time limit).

After creating an auction, there is a default cooldown time of five minutes before the player can create another auction. This timer remains in effect whether the auction is completed or canceled. The timer can be disabled per player using the pixelauction.exemptCD permission node.

If a player attempts to bid on an auction without sufficient funds to complete the purchase, the bid will be denied. If a player wins a bid, but has spent some funds during the auction and can no longer afford the purchase, the auction will be canceled, with the offered Pokémon being returned to the seller.

You can bid on the actual auction by clicking on the message in the chat. It will automatically bid an amount equal to the auction price + the minimum bid amount. To see the minimum bid amount, you just need to hover the price in the broadcast. You can get an error message if you try to increment the bid with a value over the maximum bid incrementation value in the configuration file or if you don't have enough money.

According to the server configuration node ( Bid amount+bid (true) or just the bid (false) ), if you want to bid more than the minimum bid amount, you can use the /pabid command with an argument. The argument can be /pabid <bid incrementation> if the configuration field is on "false" and /pabid <price+bid incrementation> if it's on "true".

A standard auction lasts by default 60 seconds and can be changed in the configuration. Messages are sent to all players on the server every 15 seconds (can be configured), and then every second when the auction has less than 3 seconds remaining (or the last configuration list value). However, if a player bids on the auction, its message will be re-broadcast to all players to alert them of the price change. If you are the seller, the highest bidder or you have the pixelauction.viewbidder, you will see the highest bidder of the auction in the hover message.

In the broadcast, you will have the seller name, the auction actual price, the time left before the end of the auction and infos about the pokemon. The pokemon name is green if it's a normal pokemon, blue if custom textured and gold if shiny. You can configure the extras category of the auction message in the configuration file. Enable it will add the extras category at the end of the auction message with the pokemon form, unbreedable, untradeable, custom texture, pokerus state and if it's mew, meltan, azelf, mesprit or uxie, their extra stats. If it's disabled, the category will appears only if the pokemon have an "extra" and unbreedable will be in the Info category.

A log file is added and located in the log folder. You can found in it 4 actions : Setup, bid, cancel/return and win an auction. There are some details like the seller name + uuid, the bidder/buyer name + uuid, some pokemon infos, the auction id and the pokemon as a NBT. Could be useful for the restore command.

The /palog is a new command to show you a list of latest auctions on the server. You will see auctions messages with pokemons informations and you will receive a copy of the pokemon by clicking on it. It will invoke the /paloggive command with the auction id and your username but if you want to give the pokemon to another player, you can use /paloggive <id> <playerName>.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

  • /pauct <slot> <price> <increment>: Creates an auction selling the Pokémon from the player's chosen party slot, with the initial price and the bid increment defined by the player.
  • /pabid <bid incrementation|price + bid>: Places a bid on the currently active auction, increasing the bid by the specified amount OR set the bid by the total amount (price+bid) according to the config.
  • /pacancel: Cancels the player's pending auction.
  • /pauc cancel <player>: Allows staff to cancel another player's auction.
  • /pahide: Toggle command to hide auctions messages.
  • (admin commands)
  • /palog: Show you latest auctions on the server with their auction message and can give you the pokemon by clicking on the message.
  • /paloggive <id> <player>: Will give to the specified <player> the pokemon from the auction n°<id>.
  • /parestore <id | link>: restore a pokemon from an auction (or from anywhere). You just need to put the nbt of the pokemon as arg or a link with raw text like or in raw mode. You can get the pokemon nbt from log file (if you want to restore an auction, just use /palog and clic).
  • /pareload: Reload all values from the config file without restarting the server.

Commands and Permission nodes

  • /pauct: pixelauction.command.pauct
  • /pabid: pixelauction.command.pabid
  • /pacancel: pixelauction.command.pacancel
  • /pauc cancel: pauc.admin.cancel
  • /pahide: pixelauction.command.hide
  • /palog: pixelauction.command.log
  • /paloggive: pixelauction.command.loggive
  • /parestore: pixelauction.command.restore
  • /pareload: pixelauction.command.pareload
  • Disable the auction creation cooldown timer: pixelauction.exemptCD
  • Allow player to see the highest bidder of an auction by hover the price in the message: pixelauction.viewbidder

Version history

Version history/Pixelmon Auction

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