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Pixelmon Friends is a Pixelmon sidemod that allows players to receive notifications about Pixelmon-related activities that other players engage in.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Pixelmon Friends version
1.12.2 6.0+ 2.2.0
1.10.2 5.0.2-5.0.4 2.1.0
1.10.2 5.0.0-5.0.1 2.0.0
1.8.9 4.3 1.3.1

Pixelmon Friends is currently incompatible with Pixelmon 5.1.

On servers, Pixelmon Friends is server-side and does not need to be installed by each individual player to be used. However, the notification will be more pronounced if the sidemod is also installed by each player and the graphical interface cannot be accessed without client-side installation.

Minecraft launcher

  1. Download Pixelmon Friends for your version of Minecraft here.
  2. Place the downloaded file in the mods folder.

Pixelmon launcher

  1. Edit your profile and choose the "Add Official Sidemod" option.
  2. Select Pixelmon Friends from the list.


Pixelmon Friends lets players choose to receive notifications about certain players' activities, including when a player catches a Pokémon or evolves a Pokémon. Pixelmon Friends also keeps track of players' win/loss ratios for player-vs.-player battles.

To choose which players to receive notifications from, they can be added to a "friend list". A graphical interface to manage the friend list can be accessed with the M key. Alternatively, the friend list may be managed with commands.

Friend list interface

From this interface, players may be added to the friend list by entering their names (the player must currently be in the server for this to work). To delete a player from the friend list and no longer receive notifications about him/her, the player's name can be right-clicked, causing a Delete button to appear to delete the player. It is possible to disable all notifications temporarily while retaining the friend list's contents by browsing to the Configurations tab and toggling notifications. This tab also displays the number of players being followed and the number of players following the user.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

Normal commands

The commands below can be used with either /friend or /friends.

  • /friend: Lists the available normal commands for Pixelmon Friends.
  • /friend add <player>: Adds the specified player to the user's friend list
  • /friend list: Lists all players currently on the user's friend list, along with their win/loss ratios.
  • /friend mute: Disables notifications from Pixelmon Friends.
  • /friend remove <player>: Removes the specified player from the user's friend list.
  • /friend status: Shows whether the user has notifications enabled ("Normal") or disabled ("Muted"). Also shows the number of players on the user's friend list and the number of players who have added the user to their friend lists.
  • /friend unmute: Enables notifications from Pixelmon Friends.

Admin commands

The following commands are intended for server admins to manage players' friend lists.

  • /friendsadmin: Lists the available admin commands for Pixelmon Friends.
  • /friendsadmin add <player1> <player2>: Adds player2 to player1's friend list.
  • /friendsadmin listfollowers <player>: Lists all players that have added the specified player to their friend lists
  • /friendsadmin listfollowings <player>: Lists all players that the specified player has added to his/her friend list.
  • /friendsadmin remove <player1> <player2>: Removes player2 from player1's friend list.


The following options are able to be customized in the "pixelmonfriends.cfg" config file.

  • "Allow add self": Whether to allow a player to add himself/herself to his/her friend list, also allowing the player to receive notifications about his/her own activities.
  • "Database type": The type of database to store player friend data in. H2, SQLite, and plain text formats are supported.
  • "Maximum number of friends": The maximum number of friends that a friend list can contain.
  • "Record battle results": Whether to keep track of players' win/loss ratios.

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