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Pixelmon Spawner

From Pixelmon Wiki
Pixelmon Spawner.png

A Pixelmon spawner is an item that can only be obtained by spawning it in. It can be used to spawn Pokémon.

By default, Pixelmon spawners can only be edited by server operators. Other players in Creative mode may spawn, place, and break Pixelmon spawners, but cannot edit them. Players in Survival or Adventure mode cannot break or edit Pixelmon spawners. Going into the editing interface of the spawner will delete all wild Pokémon that were spawned with the spawner.

Pixelmon spawners can be found inside haunted towers.


  • Pokémon species (can be multiple species)
    • Left-clicking on the Pokémon's name after it is added will delete it.
    • There is a soft limit of about 300 Pokémon per spawner. Exceeding this limit may throw an error and wipe the list.
  • Rarity of each Pokémon species
    • A higher rarity value means that the Pokémon will have a greater chance of spawning compared to other Pokémon of lower rarities. The rarity of a Pokémon spawning is calculated by the following: Rarity of Pokémon/Sum of rarities of all Pokémon.
  • Spawn type
    • Fire on tick: This will cause Pokémon to spawn at set time intervals. The time interval is decided with the "Spawn tick" field; the number inputted in this field can be divided by 20 to obtain how often (in seconds) the spawner attempts to spawn a Pokémon.
    • Fire on redstone: Each time a redstone signal activates or deactivates the spawner, the spawner will attempt to spawn a Pokémon.
  • Spawn radius (1-49)
    • The formula for calculating maximum spawn distance above the spawner is floor(Spawn Radius/2)-1. Maximum distance below is floor(Spawn Radius/2)+1.
    • If Spawn Location is Water or Air Persistent, the pokemon will instead be placed one Y level below the spawner.
  • Maximum number of Pokémon that can be spawned from the spawner at a time
    • This number disregards any normal settings related to limits of Pokémon spawns (as defined in the config file).
  • Minimum spawning level of Pokémon
  • Maximum spawning level of Pokémon
  • Chance of Pokémon being a boss Pokémon (1/x chance)
  • Aggression
    • Default: Pokémon have their normal chances of being timid, neutral or aggressive.
    • Timid: Pokémon will attempt to move away from players.
    • Passive: Pokémon will not react to nearby players.
    • Aggressive: Pokémon will actively attempt to engage other Pokémon and players in battle.
  • Spawn location (land/water/underground/air/air persistent)

Config settings

  • "spawnersOpOnly": If this is set to true, only server ops can edit spawners. If this is set to false, any player in Creative mode can edit spawners.
    • On a Sponge server, the "pixelmon.spawner.use" permission is required to edit spawners if this setting is enabled.

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