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PokéDollars are a form of currency within Pixelmon. They are not items; the amount of PokéDollars that a player has can be viewed on the inventory screen.

The maximum amount of PokéDollars a player can have is 999,999PokeDollar.png. If the player attempts to gain any more PokéDollars, the extra PokéDollars will be lost.


The primary use for PokéDollars is to buy items from shopkeepers inside Poké Marts. Prices for items that shopkeepers offer are listed here.

PokéDollars can also be given to other players by using the /transfer command.

Obtaining PokéDollars

PokéDollars can be obtained by defeating NPC Trainers in battle. For naturally spawning NPC Trainers, this amount is the product of a base amount for the NPC Trainer type (defined in the NPC Trainer's external JSON file and the average level of the NPC Trainer's party Pokémon (rounded down). If the NPC Trainer is edited using an NPC editor, this amount will become fixed, awarding exactly the amount of PokéDollars specified in the "Win Money" field in the "Trainer Editor - More Info" section. If a player's Pokémon is holding an Amulet Coin or a Luck Incense and participates in the battle, the PokéDollar award will be doubled, while if a player's Pokémon uses Happy Hour, the award will also be doubled. These two methods of doubling the award stack together, allowing the award to be multiplied by four if both methods are used in a battle.

Using the Pay Day move will award PokéDollars to the player at the end of the battle, equal to five times the level of the Pokémon using Pay Day. This amount will accumulate if Pay Day is used multiple times.

PokéDollars can also be earned by selling Pixelmon items to shopkeepers. Items eligible for being sold and the sell prices for these items are listed here.

The /givemoney command can give an amount of PokéDollars to a player. A player can give another player PokéDollars with the /transfer command.

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