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Pokémon spec

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A Pokémon spec is a universal description of a Pokémon, made using text separated usually by spaces except for in very specific places where commas are used instead. Pokémon specs are used in very many places, including Pixelmon's /pokegive and /pokespawn commands, the Better Spawner, and NPC trades to name only a few. Pokémon specs are composed of a series of unordered keys, keys and arguments, or only arguments, depending on the characteristic. Sidemods are easily capable of creating additions to Pokémon specs so that all places that use this system will support those custom characteristics without exception.

The in-built keys and arguments are below.

Key Argument
None Pokémon species name
level|lvl The level of the Pokémon
gender|g male|female
type The type of the Pokémon. type1 would be the first type of the Pokémon, and type2 would be the 2nd type.
shiny|s None (Pokémon is Shiny)
!shiny|!s None (Pokémon is specifically not Shiny)
growth|gr The growth of the Pokémon
nature|n The Nature of the Pokémon
ability|ab The Ability of the Pokémon (case sensitive, no spaces; e.g., SwiftSwim)
boss|b The boss mode of the Pokémon
form|f The form index of the Pokémon
ball|ba The caught Poké Ball of the Pokémon
pokerus|pkrs The Pokémon's strain of Pokérus, a-d (with d being longest, 4 days)
egg None (Pokémon is an egg)
!egg None (Pokémon is not an egg)
random None (Pokémon will be random)
cured None (Pokémon has the "Pokérus cured" status, currently requires that the 'pokerus' key be set).
untradeable None (Pokémon will be unable to be traded via any Pixelmon means. Sidemods do not necessarily support this, though most do).
unbreedable None (Pokémon will be unable to produce offspring from Ranch Blocks or breeding commands. Sidemods do not necessarily support this, though most do).
status sleep, burn, paralysis, frozen, poison, or poisonbadly. Gives the Pokémon the specified status ailment.
[iv/ev][hp/atk/def/spatk/spdef/spd] The number to use for the specified IV or EV.
st The name of the Special Texture to apply. If none is specified it will pick the first available.
customtexture The name of the Custom texture to apply from a resource pack. The argument would be the custom texture folder name.
ribbon The name of the Mark/Ribbon to apply to a Pokémon. This spec can only be used with the Pixelmon Extras /pokeedit command.

These are generally used in the form key[:argument], with the exception of the Pokémon species.


  • In the /pokespawn command, using /pokespawn lvl:50 Kingdra ab:SwiftSwim n:modest gr:enormous s b:Uncommon would spawn an enormous, Shiny, uncommon boss Kingdra at level 50, with the Swift Swim Ability and a Modest Nature.
  • In the /pokespawn command, using /pokespawn random type1:Water type2:Ground would spawn a random Pokémon that has Water as its first type and Ground as its 2nd type.
  • In the /pokegive command, using /pokegive <player> Burmy f:1 ba:masterball !s g:m pkrs:d would give a male Burmy of form index 1 (Sandy Cloak) that is not Shiny and is in a Master Ball, infected with a four-day strain of Pokérus.
  • In the /pokedel command in Pixelmon Extras, using /pokedel <player> pc s would remove all Shiny Pokémon from a player's PC.
  • In the /pokeedit command in Pixelmon Extras, using /pokeedit <player> 1 ribbon:cloudy would apply the Cloudy Mark to the 1st Pokémon in the specified player's party.

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