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From Pixelmon Wiki

A quest is a chain of objectives which can be followed, often completing a task for a reward.


Quests come in multiple types, determined by the color of them.

  • Standard quests are yellow in color. These can be obtained and completed once only.
  • Repeatable quests are blue in color. These can be obtained and completed an unlimited number of times.
  • Instantaneous quests are green in color. These are for quests that are obtained and completed at the same time.
  • Legendary quests are red in color. These are one-off quests for obtaining Legendary or otherwise unique Pokémon.


  • Default quests can be found within villages, where NPCs will hand them out. If none have any upon arrival, they will find quests to be accepted in time!
  • On servers, the obtain method for quests may be different. This is entirely up to the server and the type of experience they want to provide.


  • All details for how to create a quest can be found within the creation guide.
  • Quests can be shared on the Pixelmon Forum. Just create a thread with the title of the quest/series, and wrap your json in code forum tags!

Config settings

  • "useExternalJSONFilesQuests": Whether the quests files should be generated externally or not.
  • "questMaxRange": How far away players have to be in blocks before a quest on an NPC can be given to another.

Note: Enabling external JSON files will make the quests not be assigned to random pixelmon NPCS

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