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From Pixelmon Wiki
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The Primal Orbs consist of the Blue Orb and Red Orb. These orbs are used to revert Kyogre and Groudon into their Primal forms.

  • Kyogre: Blue Orb
  • Groudon: Red Orb


To obtain either orb, the player must first find ten of either the Red Shard or Blue Shard, to create the respective orb. These shards can be acquired from fishing with either the Old, Good, or Super rod.

Once the ten shards are obtained, they can be right clicked on the top of a block to begin piecing the orb together. Once ten shards are right clicked onto the block, the orb will form and glow. After this, it can be broken by hand and picked up as the respective orb held item.

Both the Red and Blue Orb have a small chance to spawn in chests in Strongholds.


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