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This article is about the sash accessory worn by players. For the Focus Sash held item, see this page.

A sash is an accessory that can be worn by a player. There are multiple types of sashes, available to different groups of people.

  • The default sash is awarded to players who have donated at least $5 to the Pixelmon team after January 30, 2015 and have their Minecraft accounts linked to their Pixelmon forum accounts. The sash's default color is red, but the color can be changed in the player's Pixelmon forum settings. Alternatively, the colour can be changed using the /redeem sash <R> <G> <B> command, where <R>, <G> and <B> are the RGB values for the desired colour (0 - 255 each).
  • A "rainbow" sash can be obtained from certain special events held by the Pixelmon team, such as giveaways on the official Pixelmon Discord. This sash's colors cycle through the colors of the rainbow.
  • Gold versions of the sash are available to members of the Pixelmon administration, development, and modelling teams, each labeled with the respective team name.

Donations do not have to be single transactions to count towards a sash; multiple donations from the same Pixelmon account will be added together to see if a player qualifies for a sash.

If you are a nitro booster on the Main Pixelmon Discord, you can redeem your special nitro booster's sash (toggleable with the donation sash).

Like capes, the sash is not an in-game item. After fulfilling the requirements for obtaining a sash and waiting for a few minutes, the sash will automatically be equipped when the player joins a Minecraft world or uses the /redeem command. Once the player has a sash, its visibility can be toggled with the /redeem toggle sash command.

The Poké Balls that the player's party Pokémon are contained in are displayed on the sash in the same order that the Pokémon are in the player's party. Changes to the player's party are immediately reflected on the sash.

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