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Spawn location

From Pixelmon Wiki

A Pokémon's spawn location determines which environment(s) it can spawn in. This includes Land, Water, Seafloor, Tree Top, Air, Underground, Surface Water, and Underground Water. Some Pokémon are able to spawn in multiple spawn locations.

Spawn location is not to be confused with spawn biome, which is another factor determining where Pokémon can spawn.

Note: Although several Pokémon cannot spawn naturally, these Pokémon are still affected by spawn location when spawned by Pixelmon spawners or if modified to spawn naturally through means such as the External JSON files.

Land spawns

These Pokémon spawn on land. They will only spawn on dirt-based blocks (grass, dirt, mycelium, podzol), stone-based blocks (stone, cobblestone, ores, metal blocks, gravel), sand, soul sand, leaves, snow, ice, and packed ice.

Air spawns

Despite the name of the spawn location, air spawns are mostly the same as land spawns with regards to spawning. The only differences are related to movement AI and Pixelmon spawners.

Water spawns

These Pokémon spawn in water.

Seafloor spawns

Tree Top spawns

Underground spawns

These Pokémon spawn in enclosed spaces between heights of 5 and 60, such as caves, . They spawn on dirt-based blocks (grass, dirt, mycelium, podzol) and stone-based blocks (stone, cobblestone, ores, metal blocks, sandstone, gravel).

Surface Water spawns

Underground Water spawns

Lava spawns

Surface Lava spawns

Lava Floor spawns

Underground Lava spawns

Manmade spawns

Indoors spawns

Liquid spawns

Surface Liquid spawns

Liquid Floor spawns

Underground Liquid spawns

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