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This is a list of all versions of Pixelmon, along with the changes that each version made to the mod.

Minecraft 1.10.2

Version 5.1.2

Released July 2, 2017.




  • Fixed Ability-banning battle rules being bypassed by Mega Evolution
  • Fixed battle freeze when Pokémon switch out and are later knocked out
  • Fixed Berry tree seeds and saplings destroying non-Berry blocks over them when broken
  • Fixed blank move learning screen appearing after move learning is interrupted
  • Fixed Circle Throw, Dragon Tail, Red Card, Roar, and Whirlwind forcing out fainted Pokémon
  • Fixed Counter, Metal Burst, and Mirror Coat not working in double battles
  • Fixed crash when evolving West Sea Shellos or Sandy/Trash Cloak Burmy
  • Fixed crash when using a Wailmer Pail on an Apricorn tree
  • Fixed Spikes, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, and Toxic Spikes not being laid against Pokémon immune to them
  • Fixed EV-reducing Berries being used up twice with the effect of only one Berry
  • Fixed EVs not being gained by Pokémon at the maximum level
  • Fixed HP not updating in battle after HP EVs are gained
  • Fixed Imposter not updating a Pokémon's moveset when activated on the first turn
  • Fixed Legendary Clause battle rule allowing Mewtwo and Regigigas
  • Fixed Mega Evolution and form changes causing stats to be set without EVs and IVs
  • Fixed Mega Evolution being triggered without a Mega Bracelet when the battle turn timer expires
  • Fixed Mega Evolution not resetting hidden Abilities correctly after the Pokémon faints
  • Fixed move-learning message sometimes not showing the Pokémon's name
  • Fixed moves updating incorrectly when a tutor move is selected that cannot be afforded
  • Fixed NPC Trainer greetings not displaying when using "Still and Engage" or "Wander and Engage" encounter modes
  • Fixed NPC Trainers not using battle rules when using "Still and Engage" or "Wander and Engage" encounter modes
  • Fixed PC GUI box arrows blocking PokéChecker menu and Pokémon details
  • Fixed /pokegive allowing a boss Pokémon argument
  • Fixed /pokeheal not healing PP for Pokémon that are sent out
  • Fixed Pokémon editor healing fainted Pokémon incorrectly, leaving them unable to be sent out
  • Fixed Pokémon-specific interactions not working when inside a ranch block
  • Fixed Rest causing a battle crash when known by an NPC Trainer's Pokémon
  • Fixed Revive message when reviving a Pokémon
  • Fixed Revives causing Pokémon entities to die immediately after being sent out in battle
  • Fixed Spiky Shield dealing an incorrect amount of damage
  • Fixed Stealth Rock dealing incorrect damage in inverse battles
  • Fixed temple stairs and temple brick stairs displaying incorrectly when placed upside-down in a corner
  • Fixed turn timer continuing during Mega Evolution
  • Prevented players from starting battles with no unfainted Pokémon with /pokebattle and the engagePlayerByPokeBall config setting

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