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Transfer Tutor

From Pixelmon Wiki

A Transfer Tutor is a type of NPC that teaches moves to Pokémon for a fee. However, these moves could only be obtained by the Pokémon in previous generations and is unable to learn it in the current generation. Transfer tutors can spawn naturally in the following biomes: Plains (Category), Ice Plains and Mountainous. They can also be created and edited using an NPC editor.


Each naturally spawning transfer tutor offers to teach about 20 random moves chosen from the list of transfer tutor moves below. Like TMs, moves can only be taught to Pokémon that are compatible with them. Learnable moves will appear black on the list while unlearnable moves will be light gray.

When a transfer tutor is edited with an NPC editor, it is possible to choose any move for the tutor to offer, even if the move cannot normally be selected by a transfer tutor at all. However, if the move is not in the transfer move pool, no Pokémon will be able to learn it unless another move pool is added (found on the right of the UI). It is recommended to use a Move Tutor NPC for the other move pools. Unlike naturally spawned transfer tutors, it is possible to customize the transfer tutor to offer as many or as few moves as the player desires as well as the cost of each move.

Transfer Tutor moves


Transfer tutors charge a fee in order to teach a move to a Pokémon. This fee can differ depending on the move that is being taught, even between moves taught by the same tutor. Naturally spawning tutors randomly charge 1-16 of any of the following items for their services:

When editing a transfer tutor with an NPC editor, it is possible to charge up to any four different items (with customizable amounts of each) to teach a move; these items can be any items in the game, not necessarily from the above list. It is also possible to allow a move to be taught for free.

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