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Water 1 is one of the fifteen Egg Groups.


Pokémon Egg Groups
Squirtle Monster/Water 1
Wartortle Monster/Water 1
Blastoise Monster/Water 1
Psyduck Water 1/Field
Golduck Water 1/Field
Poliwag Water 1
Poliwhirl Water 1
Poliwrath Water 1
Slowpoke Monster/Water 1
Slowbro Monster/Water 1
Seel Water 1/Field
Dewgong Water 1/Field
Horsea Water 1/Dragon
Seadra Water 1/Dragon
Lapras Monster/Water 1
Omanyte Water 1/Water 3
Omastar Water 1/Water 3
Kabuto Water 1/Water 3
Kabutops Water 1/Water 3
Dratini Water 1/Dragon
Dragonair Water 1/Dragon
Dragonite Water 1/Dragon
Totodile Monster/Water 1
Croconaw Monster/Water 1
Feraligatr Monster/Water 1
Marill Water 1/Fairy
Azumarill Water 1/Fairy
Politoed Water 1
Wooper Water 1/Field
Quagsire Water 1/Field
Slowking Monster/Water 1
Corsola Water 1/Water 3
Remoraid Water 1/Water 2
Octillery Water 1/Water 2
Delibird Water 1/Field
Mantine Water 1
Kingdra Water 1/Dragon
Mudkip Monster/Water 1
Marshtomp Monster/Water 1
Swampert Monster/Water 1
Lotad Water 1/Grass
Lombre Water 1/Grass
Ludicolo Water 1/Grass
Wingull Water 1/Flying
Pelipper Water 1/Flying
Surskit Water 1/Bug
Masquerain Water 1/Bug
Corphish Water 1/Water 3
Crawdaunt Water 1/Water 3
Feebas Water 1/Dragon
Milotic Water 1/Dragon
Spheal Water 1/Field
Sealeo Water 1/Field
Walrein Water 1/Field
Clamperl Water 1
Huntail Water 1
Gorebyss Water 1
Relicanth Water 1/Water 2
Piplup Water 1/Field
Prinplup Water 1/Field
Empoleon Water 1/Field
Bidoof Water 1/Field
Bibarel Water 1/Field
Buizel Water 1/Field
Floatzel Water 1/Field
Shellos Water 1/Amorphous
Gastrodon Water 1/Amorphous
Phione Water 1/Fairy
Manaphy Water 1/Fairy
Tympole Water 1
Palpitoad Water 1
Seismitoad Water 1
Tirtouga Water 1/Water 3
Carracosta Water 1/Water 3
Ducklett Water 1/Flying
Swanna Water 1/Flying
Alomomola Water 1/Water 2
Stunfisk Water 1/Amorphous
Froakie Water 1
Frogadier Water 1
Greninja Water 1
Inkay Water 1/Water 2
Malamar Water 1/Water 2
Skrelp Water 1/Dragon
Dragalge Water 1/Dragon
Clauncher Water 1/Water 3
Clawitzer Water 1/Water 3
Popplio Water 1/Field
Brionne Water 1/Field
Primarina Water 1/Field
Mareanie Water 1
Toxapex Water 1
Dewpider Water 1/Bug
Araquanid Water 1/Bug
Pyukumuku Water 1
Sobble Water 1/Field
Drizzile Water 1/Field
Inteleon Water 1/Field
Chewtle Water 1/Monster
Drednaw Water 1/Monster
Cramorant Water 1/Flying
Clobbopus Water 1/Human-Like
Grapploct Water 1/Human-Like
Cursola Water 1/Water 3
Pincurchin Water 1/Amorphous
Eiscue Water 1/Field

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