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From Pixelmon Wiki

The Water Gym is a Gym that specializes in Water-type Pokémon.


The Water Gym has two different layouts.

Swimmer's Stronghold


The Swimmer's Stronghold is made up of a single room with an open roof. The center of the room contains a fountain with some plant decorations. There are balconies higher up in the building, and the water flowing into the fountain can be used to reach them. The balconies either contains NPC Trainer to battle or elevators to take players to the roof of the Gym, where Gym Leader Kai is waiting.

Stream Plaza


The Stream Plaza starts with a water maze that must be navigated to proceed. Throughout the water maze, there are platforms with dry land for NPC Trainers to stand on.

After the maze, a lifeguard tower marks the start of a series of platforms that must be jumped between. If a jump is failed, the player will fall into water, and will have to climb up the lifeguard tower to try again.

When the platforms are passed, another lifeguard tower is reached. This tower contains a diving board directly to Gym Leader Tide's room. Another diving board provides a quick exit from the Gym from the Gym Leader's room.


The Water Gym Leaders reward one of these Badges upon defeat.

One of the TMs below is also rewarded.