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AGP Responged

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Another Gym Plugin (AGP) is a Pixelmon sidemod that enables Gym managers to establish both NPC and player Gym Leaders.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version AGP Responged version
1.12.2 6.0+ 0.5.3 beta
1.10.2 5.0-5.1 0.5.0

Another Gym Plugin only needs to be installed on a server and does not require each player to install it in order to be used.

Minecraft launcher

  1. Download Another Gym Plugin for your version of Minecraft here.
  2. Place the downloaded file in the mods folder.


Another Gym Plugin is a Pixelmon sidemod created to provide servers an alternative to traditional Gym systems. A good portion of AGP's commands are security-based and will only work if a player has met all security requirements, which include being a Leader and a Head Leader. In AGP, the same Badge cannot be obtained twice, as security checks are in place. These checks can be found on the queue system, /GiveBadge, and when a player challenges an NPC Leader. More information regarding NPC Leaders and the queue system can be found below.

NPC Leaders

An NPC Leader is a special type of NPC Trainer that will award a Gym's Badge if defeated. NPC Leaders will follow the Gym's rules as set by /EditGym, such as level caps and Gym requirements. An NPC Leader can be placed by using the command /SpawnNPCLeader <Gym name>, and can be edited or removed like a regular NPC Trainer by using an NPC editor.

NPC Leaders can be added to a server's /GymList by using the command, /AddLeader NPC <Gym name>, and can be removed by using /DelLeader NPC <Gym name>. AGP also includes Badge refusal message when the player already has a Gym's Badge, although the message is only shown if the NPC Leader is set to accept unlimited challenges (via an NPC editor). If a level cap or Gym requirements are established on the NPC Leader's Gym, the NPC Leader will only initiate a battle if the restrictions are satisfied. NPC Leaders do not give out any items or PokéDollars specified by the Gym's setup.

Queue system

AGP's queue system consists of several commands which tie into one functionality. Each Gym that is created automatically has a queue which players can join using /ChallengeGym <Gym name>. A player may only join a queue if the Gym's status is set to Open. More information on Gym statuses can be found in the documentation below.

Once a player joins a Gym's queue, the player will be notified of his/her place in line, and the Leader will be notified that a player has entered the queue. A Leader may use /QueueList <Gym name> to view a Gym's queue. Once a Leader is ready to accept a challenge, the Leader can use the /AcceptChallenge <Gym> command to start a battle with the next player in the queue. If arenas are set up by using /SetGymWarp, the Leader and the challenger will be teleported to the first available arena. Otherwise, they will start a battle where they stand. A Leader may deny a challenge by using /DenyChallenge, and a player may cancel a challenge by using /CancelChallenge. Once a Gym closes, the queue is cleared. If the challenger wins a queue battle, the challenger is awarded the Gym's Badge and the kit (items and PokéDollars) associated with the Badge, if any.

Gym statuses

A Gym is capable of having 3 different statuses, including:

  • Open
    • This status means a Player Leader is online, or a Head Leader intentionally opened the Gym. This can be obtained by using /OpenGym, or if automatic Gym opening is enabled in the config and a Leader logs on.
  • Closed
    • This status means a Player Leader is not online at this time, or the Gym was intentionally closed. This can be obtained by using /CloseGym or having all of the Gym's Leaders log off.
  • Open (NPC Mode)
    • This status means that no Player Leaders are online and accepting challenges, and the Gym has NPCs in its Leader list. This can be obtained by starting the server and have it automatically assigned if an NPC Leader is present, closing the Gym using /CloseGym while an NPC is present in the Leader list, or automatically when the last player Leader logs off.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

Gym management

  • /addGym <name> <badge>: Adds a Gym to the configuration file.
  • /editGym <name> <option:value>: Edits an existing Gym's configuration. Below is a list of valid options.
    • name: Changes the name of the specified Gym. This tag should be used with caution. Once a Gym is renamed, it is no longer reflected on a player's Badges unless it is set back to its original name.
    • badge: Changes the Badge of the specified Gym.
    • items: Changes the items given by the Gym. A Gym can reward up to two items, comma-separated; to reward fewer than two items, null should be used in place of an item. E.g., /editGym Water items:pixelmon:rare_candy,null sets the Water Gym's reward to a single Rare Candy, where null specifies that the Gym does not have a second reward.
    • level: Changes the level cap of a Gym. Setting the cap to 0 removes all level requirements.
    • require: Changes the requirement to battle the Gym. The value is the name of a different Gym. Requirements are reflected in both queue battles and NPC Leader battles.
    • money: Changes the amount of PokéDollars given after defeating the Leader of a Gym. If set to 0, nothing is given.
  • /delGym <name>: Delete the specified Gym from the configuration.
  • /openGym <name>: Opens the specified Gym if used by a head Leader or a Leader of the Gym.
  • /closeGym <name>: Closes the specified Gym if used by a head Leader or a Leader of the Gym.
  • /gymList [-nogui]: Displays basic information regarding all server Gyms. If the -nogui flag is present, the list will be displayed in chat instead of an inventory GUI. Alias: /gyms
  • /setGymWarp <name> <lobby|arena <arena name> <stands|challenger|Leader> [-delete]>: Sets various warp locations for a Gym based on the command user's position. Aliases: /setgwarp, /sgw
    • Note: The arena locations are used when a queue battle begins. If an arena is occupied in a queue battle, it will look for the next arena in line. If no arenas are available, the queue battle starts where the players stand.
    • The lobby is the default location /gymWarp brings the player to.
    • If using the arena parameter, the arena to create/edit and the location to set must be specified. E.g., /setGymWarp Water arena Arena1 Challenger sets the challenger location for the Water Gym's queue system.
    • The stands parameter is for players using /gymWarp to be able to view a specific Hym battle in a designated area. More information can be found in /gymWarp's description.
    • The -delete parameter deletes the specified position.


  • /checkBadges <player>: Opens a GUI with the specified player's Badges. By default, regular players can only check their own Badges, while Gym Leaders can check any player's Badges. If the player has the agp.checkbadges.other permission node, this check will be circumvented. Alias: /badges
  • /delBadge <player> <name>: Removes a Badge from the specified player and the specified Gym. This does not remove any rewards they may have been given.
  • /giveBadge <player> <name>: Gives a Badge to the specified player. Badges can only be given by their respective Gym Leaders. For example, the Electric Gym Leader cannot give the Water Gym Leader's badge. If the player has the agp.headleader permission node, this can be circumvented.


  • /addLeader <player> <name>: Sets the specified player to be the Gym Leader of the named Gym. Players may be Gym Leaders of multiple Gyms, and Gyms may have multiple Gym Leaders (many to many).
  • /delLeader <player> <name>: Removes the specified player from the named Gym's Leader list.
  • /giveBadge <player> <name>: Gives a Badge to the specified player from the named Gym. Badges can only be given by their respective Gym Leaders. For example, the Electric Gym Leader cannot give the Water Gym Leader's badge. If the player has the agp.headleader permission node, this check can be circumvented. The command cannot be used multiple times on a single player.
  • /spawnNPCLeader <name>: This spawns a special NPC Trainer at the player's position for the named Gym. Alias: /snl
    • NPC Gym Leaders must be manually configured for rewards. They are not automatically given with the parameters from /addGym.
    • NPC Gym Leaders have both a Badge check and a level check system. A player who has already beaten a Gym cannot re-challenge the Gym Leader. Furthermore, a player with over-leveled Pokémon also cannot challenge a Gym Leader.
  • /gymWarp [lobby|arena name [stands]]: Warps a player to the specified Gym's location.
    • Using this command without parameters will default to the lobby.
    • If an arena is specified, it is possible to teleport to its stands. E.g., /gymWarp Water Arena1 stands.


  • /challengeGym <name>: Allows the player to enter the named Gym's queue, if open. Alias: /chalGym
    • This command concedes to level cap and requirement restrictions placed on the Gym.
    • A player cannot join more than one Gym queue at a time.
  • /cancelChallenge: Removes the player from the queue the player is currently waiting in.
  • /acceptChallenge <name> [arena]: Allows a Leader or head Leader to accept a challenge from the named Gym's queue.
  • /denyChallenge <name> [challenger]: Removes the specified challenger from the named Gym's queue. If no player is specified, the first challenger in the queue will be removed.
  • /queueList <name>: Allows a Leader or head Leader to check the people waiting in the named Gym's queue.


  • /agpReload: Reloads all data related to AGP, including Badges, Gyms, and base configuration.
  • /stc <flatfile|h2|mysql> <confirm>: Switches storage types for AGP dynamically from within the game.

Permission nodes

  • /addGym - agp.command.addgym
  • /editGym - agp.command.editgym
  • /delGym - agp.command.delgym
  • /checkBadges - agp.command.checkbadges
    • Allow checking other players' Badges: agp.checkbadges.other
  • /addLeader - agp.command.addleader
  • /delLeader - agp.command.delleader
  • /giveBadge - agp.command.givebadge
  • /delBadge - agp.command.delbadge
  • /gymList - agp.command.gymlist
  • /spawnNPCLeader - agp.command,spawnnpcleader
  • /openGym - agp.command.opengym
  • /closeGym - agp.command.closegym
  • /gymWarp - agp.command.gymwarp
  • /agpReload - agp.command.agpreload
  • /challengeGym - agp.command.challengegym
  • /cancelChallenge - agp.command.cancelchallenge
  • /acceptChallenge - agp.command.acceptchallenge
  • /queueList - agp.command.queuelist
  • /denyChallenge - agp.command.denychallenge
  • agp.headleader: Gives a player access to any command that would otherwise require Leader status. Does not exempt the player from regular command permission nodes.