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Day Care is a Pixelmon sidemod and Sponge plugin inspired by the Pokémon Day Care feature in the Pokémon games. It allows players to enter Pokémon into a Day Care to level up over time. The Day Care will also create an Egg over time if the Pokémon entered are compatible, similar to a ranch block.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Day Care version
1.10.2 5.1 1.0.0

Day Care is a Sponge plugin, meaning that Sponge must be installed on a server to use Day Care. Day Care must be installed on the server as well.

  1. Download Day Care for your version of Minecraft here.
  2. Place the jar inside the mods folder in the server root directory (in the same directory as SpongeForge).


A Day Care NPC must first be set with the /setdaycare command. When a player interact with that NPC, it will open up a menu. The menu has three items: two Pokemon editors and one Egg Photo. Clicking on the Pokemon editors will open a new menu containing photos of the player's party. When a photo is selected, the Pokémon will be inserted into the Day Care. Pokémon in the Day Care will gain experience over time, determined by settings in the config. Clicking on the Egg photo will give the player an Egg if one has been produced in the Day Care. Retrieving Pokémon from the Day Care costs PokéDollars, starting with an initial withdrawal amount plus an amount multiplied by the amount of levels gained; these values are determined by settings in the config.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

  • /setdaycare: After this command is run, interacting with a Chatting NPC will set it as a Day Care NPC, able to store Pokémon for leveling/breeding.

Permission nodes

  • /setdaycare: daycare.command.setdaycare

Config settings

  • "amount-per-level": Amount of additional PokéDollars it will cost per level gained to withdraw a Pokémon.
  • "breederIDs": UUIDs of the Day Care NPCs set using /setdaycare. This should not be edited unless absolutely necessary.
  • "exp-amount": The amount of experience Pokémon will gain in the Day Care every x seconds according to exp-gain-time.
  • "exp-gain-time": The interval of time (in seconds) that it will take for Pokémon in the Day Care to gain experience.
  • "time-per-egg": The amount of time (in minutes) that it will take for Pokémon in the Day Care to produce an Egg.
  • "withdraw-amount": Amount of PokéDollars required to take a Pokémon back from the Day Care.

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