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DawnDusk Ore

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DawnDusk ore is a type of ore that can be mined with any pickaxe. If the time is either day or night, the ore looks like regular stone and yields cobblestone when mined. However, if the time is dawn, mining the ore will yield a Dawn Stone shard, while if the time is dusk, a Dusk Stone shard will be dropped when mining the ore. DawnDusk ore spawns in Plains, Sunflower Plains, Savanna, Savanna M, Savanna Plateau, and Savanna Plateau M biomes within stone at no more than 10 blocks under the surface.


  • Prior to the introduction of DawnDusk ore, distinct blocks for Dawn Stone ore and Dusk Stone ore existed, but could only be obtained by spawning them in. Both of these blocks were removed when DawnDusk Ore was released.
  • In the Pixelmon changelog, DawnDusk ore was known as "perpetual transgeometric evolution metalliferous earth", a long-winded description of the properties of DawnDusk ore.