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The Grass Gym, also known as the Ivy Gym, is a Gym that specializes in Grass-type Pokémon.


The entrance to a Grass Gym uses an automatic door that opens when a player steps near it. After entering the Gym, the path will lead to a building, which houses the entrance to an underground portion of the Gym.

The underground portion is a series of rooms containing NPC Trainers. There is also a larger room in the back of this area with several Apricorn Trees and Moss Rocks. After navigating through the rooms, a cave section will lead directly to a vine back to the surface floor.

Once on the surface floor again, a small leaf maze needs to be navigated. At the end of the leaf maze is the final area of the Gym, where Gym Leader Rex can be fought on a raised battlefield. A one-way bridge in this area leads directly back to the entrance.


Gym Leader Rex rewards one of these Badges upon defeat.

One of the TMs below is also rewarded.