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Heavy Ball

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A Heavy Ball

A Heavy Ball is a Poké Ball for catching very heavy Pokémon.

Unlike most Poké Balls, the Heavy Ball's catch rate modifier is additive rather than multiplicative. The catch rate modifier for Heavy Balls based on Pokémon weight is as follows:

  • <451.5 lbs/204.8 kg: -20
  • Between 451.5 lbs/204.8 kg and 677.3 lbs/307.2 kg: +20
  • Between 677.3 lbs/307.2 kg and 903 lbs/409.6 kg: +30
  • >903 lbs/409.6 kg: +40

A list of Pokémon that have an increased catch rate with a Heavy Ball can be found here.


To craft a Heavy Ball, a Heavy Ball Lid, a Button, and an Iron Base are needed.

To make a heavy ball lid, three blue cooked apricorns are needed. Placing the three cooked apricorns in a row horizontally in a crafting bench will make three Heavy Ball Discs, then using the anvil will make them into heavy ball lids.

Cooked Blue Apricorn

Cooked Blue Apricorn

Cooked Blue Apricorn

Heavy Ball Disc