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Objetos de Utilidad

This page is a translated version of the page Held items and the translation is 50% complete.

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Los objetos de utilidad son objetos que los Pokémon pueden llevar para usar en combate o para evolucionar determinados Pokémon.

Objetos de combate

Estos objetos pueden proporcionan varios beneficios al Pokémon en combate.

Objetos de entrenamiento

Estos objetos afectan a la ganancia de experiencia o EVs.

Objetos evolutivos

Estos objetos se utilizan para evolucionar ciertos Pokémon.


Berries are consumable and have various effects in battle.


Incenses are used for breeding. Certain incenses also give benefits to the holder while in battle.


Gems are single-use held items that boost the damage of a move of their corresponding type by 1.3×.


Mail is a special type of held item that is used to write messages.