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  • Please note: All Pixelmon downloads are universal, meaning they are both client and server.
  • First, download the Pixelmon and Forge versions given in the latest release on the releases section on the forums here.
  • If Minecraft is currently open, close it.
  • The Forge comes with an auto installer; when you run Forge, make sure you select "client".
  • When the Forge installation is done, open the new Minecraft launcher and click "Edit Profile", and a pop-up window should appear with lots of settings. Then go down to "Use Version" and click on the drop down menu. There should be an option called "release 1.6.4-Forge9.11.1.935" or something similar. Choose that and click "Save Profile".
  • If Minecraft loads without crashing then you have installed Forge correctly.
  • Close Minecraft and re-navigate to the roaming folder.
  • Windows-Next, you need to open your roaming folder by searching "%appdata% in the run program/command or on the search section of the start menu. Once in the roaming folder, you need to open the ".minecraft" folder and then the mods folder. Paste the Pixelmon .rar/.zip into this directory. Do not extract it!
  • Mac-Drag and drop the Pixelmon.zip into your mods folder located at /user/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods. If there is not a mods folder there then simply create one and put the .zip of Pixelmon in there.
  • Universal-The current Minecraft launcher make things easier; press "Edit Profile" and then "open game dir" to open your .minecraft folder, open the mods folder and place the Pixelmon.zip there.
  • If you have already had a previous version of Pixelmon, make sure that you delete your pixelmon.cfg from your .minecraft/config folder and on your servers.
  • Now just boot up Minecraft, and if it loads without crashing then check whether, in the mods menu on the main screen, it lists Pixelmon as one of the mods. If it does, Pixelmon is installed!

Please report all bugs at our Jira