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This is a list of items added by Pixelmon and their name IDs, used in commands such as /give. All of these name IDs are prefixed by "pixelmon:" when referring to them (e.g., "/give player pixelmon:item.PC"); for brevity, "pixelmon:" will not be shown in any IDs on this list. All IDs on this list must be used exactly as they are displayed, with any underscores, "item." (or lack thereof), hyphens, and uppercase/lowercase letters matching.

As the numerical IDs of items are dynamically assigned by Forge and can differ between servers, they will not be listed here.

Item ID Damage value
Grid Bauxite Ore.pngBauxite Ore Bauxite
Grid Fire Stone Ore.pngFire Stone Ore Firestone_Ore
Grid Water Stone Ore.pngWater Stone Ore Waterstone_Ore
Grid Leaf Stone Ore.pngLeaf Stone Ore Leafstone_Ore
Grid Thunder Stone Ore.pngThunder Stone Ore Thunderstone_Ore
Grid Sun Stone Ore.pngSun Stone Ore Sun_Stone_Ore
Grid DawnDusk Ore.pngDawnDusk Ore DawnDuskstone_Ore
Grid Amethyst Ore.pngAmethyst Ore AmethystOre
Grid Crystal Ore.pngCrystal Ore CrystalOre
Grid Ruby Ore.pngRuby Ore RubyOre
Grid Sapphire Ore.pngSapphire Ore SapphireOre
Grid Silicon Ore.pngSilicon Ore SiliconOre
Grid Pixelmon Spawner.pngPixelmon Spawner Pixelmon_Spawner
Grid Fossil.pngFossil Fossil
Grid Temple Brick.pngTemple Brick ShrineBrick
Grid Temple Block.pngTemple Block ShrineBlock
Grid Temple Stairs.pngTemple Stairs ShrineStairs
Grid Temple Brick Stairs.pngTemple Brick Stairs ShrineBrickStairs
Grid Temple Pillar.pngTemple Pillar Ancient_Pillar 0
Grid Broken Pillar.pngBroken Pillar Ancient_Pillar 1
Grid PC.pngPC item.PC
Grid Ranch Block.pngRanch Block item.Ranch_Block
Grid Anvil.pngAnvil item.Anvil
Grid Mechanical Anvil.pngMechanical Anvil item.MechanicalAnvil
Grid Healer.pngHealer item.Healer
Grid Trade Machine.pngTrade Machine item.Trade_Machine
Grid Fossil Machine.pngFossil Machine item.Fossil_Machine
Grid Cloning Machine.pngCloning Machine item.Cloning_Machine
Grid Fossil Machine Tank.pngFossil Machine Tank item.Fossil_Machine_Tank
Grid Fossil Machine Display.pngFossil Machine Display item.Fossil_Machine_Display
Grid Fossil Machine Top.pngFossil Machine Top item.Fossil_Machine_Top
Grid Fossil Machine Base.pngFossil Machine Base item.Fossil_Machine_Base
Grid Frozen Shrine.pngFrozen Shrine item.Uno_Shrine
Grid Static Shrine.pngStatic Shrine item.Dos_Shrine
Grid Fiery Shrine.pngFiery Shrine item.Tres_Shrine
Grid Green Tank New.pngGreen Tank item.Green_Tank
Grid Orange Tank New.pngOrange Tank item.Orange_Tank
Grid Cloner Cord New.pngCloner Cord item.Cloner_Cord
Grid Fossil Cleaner.pngFossil Cleaner item.Fossil_Cleaner
Grid Wood Hammer.pngWood Hammer item.Wood_Hammer
Grid Stone Hammer.pngStone Hammer item.Stone_Hammer
Grid Iron Hammer.pngIron Hammer item.Iron_Hammer
Grid Gold Hammer.pngGold Hammer item.Gold_Hammer
Grid Diamond Hammer.pngDiamond Hammer item.Diamond_Hammer
16pxAluminium Hammer item.Aluminium_Hammer
16pxAluminium Axe item.Aluminium_Axe
16pxAluminium Shovel item.Aluminium_Spade
16pxAluminium Pickaxe item.Aluminium_PickAxe
16pxAluminium Hoe item.Aluminium_Hoe
Grid Wailmer Pail.pngWailmer Pail item.Wailmer_Pail
Grid NPC Editor.pngNPC Editor item.Trainer_Editor
16pxAluminium Sword item.Aluminium_Sword
16pxAluminium Helmet item.Aluminium_Helmet
16pxAluminium Chestplate item.Aluminium_Torso
16pxAluminium Leggings item.Aluminium_Leggings
16pxAluminium Boots item.Aluminium_Boots
Grid New Running Boots.pngNew Running Boots item.New_Running_Boots
Grid Old Running Boots.pngOld Running Boots item.Old_Running_Boots
Grid Amethyst Axe.pngAmethyst Axe AmethystAxe
Grid Amethyst Hammer.pngAmethyst Hammer AmethystHammer
Grid Amethyst Hoe.pngAmethyst Hoe AmethystHoe
Grid Amethyst Pickaxe.pngAmethyst Pickaxe AmethystPickaxe
Grid Amethyst Shovel.pngAmethyst Shovel AmethystShovel
Grid Amethyst Sword.pngAmethyst Sword AmethystSword
Grid Crystal Axe.pngCrystal Axe CrystalAxe
Grid Crystal Hammer.pngCrystal Hammer CrystalHammer
Grid Crystal Hoe.pngCrystal Hoe CrystalHoe
Grid Crystal Pickaxe.pngCrystal Pickaxe CrystalPickaxe
Grid Crystal Shovel.pngCrystal Shovel CrystalShovel
Grid Crystal Sword.pngCrystal Sword CrystalSword
Grid Ruby Axe.pngRuby Axe RubyAxe
Grid Ruby Hammer.pngRuby Hammer RubyHammer
Grid Ruby Hoe.pngRuby Hoe RubyHoe
Grid Ruby Pickaxe.pngRuby Pickaxe RubyPickaxe
Grid Ruby Shovel.pngRuby Shovel RubyShovel
Grid Ruby Sword.pngRuby Sword RubySword
Grid Sapphire Axe.pngSapphire Axe SapphireAxe
Grid Sapphire Hammer.pngSapphire Hammer SapphireHammer
Grid Sapphire Hoe.pngSapphire Hoe SapphireHoe
Grid Sapphire Pickaxe.pngSapphire Pickaxe SapphirePickaxe
Grid Sapphire Shovel.pngSapphire Shovel SapphireShovel
Grid Sapphire Sword.pngSapphire Sword SapphireSword
Grid Aqua Helmet.pngAqua Helmet SapphireHelm
Grid Aqua Chestplate.pngAqua Chestplate SapphirePlate
Grid Aqua Leggings.pngAqua Leggings SapphireLegs
Grid Aqua Boots.pngAqua Boots SapphireBoots
Grid Galactic Swag.pngGalactic Swag GalacticHelm
Grid Galactic Chestplate.pngGalactic Chestplate GalacticPlate
Grid Galactic Leggings.pngGalactic Leggings GalacticLegs
Grid Galactic Boots.pngGalactic Boots GalacticBoots
Grid Magma Helmet.pngMagma Helmet RubyHelm
Grid Magma Chestplate.pngMagma Chestplate RubyPlate
Grid Magma Leggings.pngMagma Leggings RubyLegs
Grid Magma Boots.pngMagma Boots RubyBoots
Grid Neo Plasma Helmet.pngNeo Plasma Helmet NeoPlasmaHelm
Grid Neo Plasma Chestplate.pngNeo Plasma Chestplate NeoPlasmaPlate
Grid Neo Plasma Leggings.pngNeo Plasma Leggings NeoPlasmaLegs
Grid Neo Plasma Boots.pngNeo Plasma Boots NeoPlasmaBoots
Grid Plasma Helmet.pngPlasma Helmet PlasmaHelm
Grid Plasma Chestplate.pngPlasma Chestplate PlasmaPlate
Grid Plasma Leggings.pngPlasma Leggings PlasmaLegs
Grid Plasma Boots.pngPlasma Boots PlasmaBoots
Grid Rocket Helmet.pngRocket Helmet RocketHelm
Grid Rocket Chestplate.pngRocket Chestplate RocketPlate
Grid Rocket Leggings.pngRocket Leggings RocketLegs
Grid Rocket Boots.pngRocket Boots RocketBoots
Grid Dawn Stone Axe.pngDawn Stone Axe DawnstoneAxe
Grid Dawn Stone Hammer.pngDawn Stone Hammer DawnstoneHammer
Grid Dawn Stone Hoe.pngDawn Stone Hoe DawnstoneHoe
Grid Dawn Stone Pickaxe.pngDawn Stone Pickaxe DawnstonePickaxe
Grid Dawn Stone Shovel.pngDawn Stone Shovel DawnstoneShovel
Grid Dawn Stone Sword.pngDawn Stone Sword DawnstoneSword
Grid Dawn Stone Helmet.pngDawn Stone Helmet DawnstoneHelm
Grid Dawn Stone Chestplate.pngDawn Stone Chestplate DawnstonePlate
Grid Dawn Stone Leggings.pngDawn Stone Leggings DawnstoneLegs
Grid Dawn Stone Boots.pngDawn Stone Boots DawnstoneBoots
Grid Dusk Stone Axe.pngDusk Stone Axe DuskstoneAxe
Grid Dusk Stone Hammer.pngDusk Stone Hammer DuskstoneHammer
Grid Dusk Stone Hoe.pngDusk Stone Hoe DuskstoneHoe
Grid Dusk Stone Pickaxe.pngDusk Stone Pickaxe DuskstonePickaxe
Grid Dusk Stone Shovel.pngDusk Stone Shovel DuskstoneShovel
Grid Dusk Stone Sword.pngDusk Stone Sword DuskstoneSword
Grid Dusk Stone Helmet.pngDusk Stone Helmet DuskstoneHelm
Grid Dusk Stone Chestplate.pngDusk Stone Chestplate DuskstonePlate
Grid Dusk Stone Leggings.pngDusk Stone Leggings DuskstoneLegs
Grid Dusk Stone Boots.pngDusk Stone Boots DuskstoneBoots
Grid Fire Stone Axe.pngFire Stone Axe FirestoneAxe
Grid Fire Stone Hammer.pngFire Stone Hammer FirestoneHammer
Grid Fire Stone Hoe.pngFire Stone Hoe FirestoneHoe
Grid Fire Stone Pickaxe.pngFire Stone Pickaxe FirestonePickaxe
Grid Fire Stone Shovel.pngFire Stone Shovel FirestoneShovel
Grid Fire Stone Sword.pngFire Stone Sword FirestoneSword
Grid Fire Stone Helmet.pngFire Stone Helmet FirestoneHelm
Grid Fire Stone Chestplate.pngFire Stone Chestplate FirestonePlate
Grid Fire Stone Leggings.pngFire Stone Leggings FirestoneLegs
Grid Fire Stone Boots.pngFire Stone Boots FirestoneBoots
Grid Leaf Stone Axe.pngLeaf Stone Axe LeafstoneAxe
Grid Leaf Stone Hammer.pngLeaf Stone Hammer LeafstoneHammer
Grid Leaf Stone Hoe.pngLeaf Stone Hoe LeafstoneHoe
Grid Leaf Stone Pickaxe.pngLeaf Stone Pickaxe LeafstonePickaxe
Grid Leaf Stone Shovel.pngLeaf Stone Shovel LeafstoneShovel
Grid Leaf Stone Sword.pngLeaf Stone Sword LeafstoneSword
Grid Leaf Stone Helmet.pngLeaf Stone Helmet LeafstoneHelm
Grid Leaf Stone Chestplate.pngLeaf Stone Chestplate LeafstonePlate
Grid Leaf Stone Leggings.pngLeaf Stone Leggings LeafstoneLegs
Grid Leaf Stone Boots.pngLeaf Stone Boots LeafstoneBoots
Grid Moon Stone Axe.pngMoon Stone Axe MoonstoneAxe
Grid Moon Stone Hammer.pngMoon Stone Hammer MoonstoneHammer
Grid Moon Stone Hoe.pngMoon Stone Hoe MoonstoneHoe
Grid Moon Stone Pickaxe.pngMoon Stone Pickaxe MoonstonePickaxe
Grid Moon Stone Shovel.pngMoon Stone Shovel MoonstoneShovel
Grid Moon Stone Sword.pngMoon Stone Sword MoonstoneSword
Grid Moon Stone Helmet.pngMoon Stone Helmet MoonstoneHelm
Grid Moon Stone Chestplate.pngMoon Stone Chestplate MoonstonePlate
Grid Moon Stone Leggings.pngMoon Stone Leggings MoonstoneLegs
Grid Moon Stone Boots.pngMoon Stone Boots MoonstoneBoots
Grid Sun Stone Axe.pngSun Stone Axe SunstoneAxe
Grid Sun Stone Hammer.pngSun Stone Hammer SunstoneHammer
Grid Sun Stone Hoe.pngSun Stone Hoe SunstoneHoe
Grid Sun Stone Pickaxe.pngSun Stone Pickaxe SunstonePickaxe
Grid Sun Stone Shovel.pngSun Stone Shovel SunstoneShovel
Grid Sun Stone Sword.pngSun Stone Sword SunstoneSword
Grid Sun Stone Helmet.pngSun Stone Helmet SunstoneHelm
Grid Sun Stone Chestplate.pngSun Stone Chestplate SunstonePlate
Grid Sun Stone Leggings.pngSun Stone Leggings SunstoneLegs
Grid Sun Stone Boots.pngSun Stone Boots SunstoneBoots
Grid Thunder Stone Axe.pngThunder Stone Axe ThunderstoneAxe
Grid Thunder Stone Hammer.pngThunder Stone Hammer ThunderstoneHammer
Grid Thunder Stone Hoe.pngThunder Stone Hoe ThunderstoneHoe
Grid Thunder Stone Pickaxe.pngThunder Stone Pickaxe ThunderstonePickaxe
Grid Thunder Stone Shovel.pngThunder Stone Shovel ThunderstoneShovel
Grid Thunder Stone Sword.pngThunder Stone Sword ThunderstoneSword
Grid Thunder Stone Helmet.pngThunder Stone Helmet ThunderstoneHelm
Grid Thunder Stone Chestplate.pngThunder Stone Chestplate ThunderstonePlate
Grid Thunder Stone Leggings.pngThunder Stone Leggings ThunderstoneLegs
Grid Thunder Stone Boots.pngThunder Stone Boots ThunderstoneBoots
Grid Water Stone Axe.pngWater Stone Axe WaterstoneAxe
Grid Water Stone Hammer.pngWater Stone Hammer WaterstoneHammer
Grid Water Stone Hoe.pngWater Stone Hoe WaterstoneHoe
Grid Water Stone Pickaxe.pngWater Stone Pickaxe WaterstonePickaxe
Grid Water Stone Shovel.pngWater Stone Shovel WaterstoneShovel
Grid Water Stone Sword.pngWater Stone Sword WaterstoneSword
Grid Water Stone Helmet.pngWater Stone Helmet WaterstoneHelm
Grid Water Stone Chestplate.pngWater Stone Chestplate WaterstonePlate
Grid Water Stone Leggings.pngWater Stone Leggings WaterstoneLegs
Grid Water Stone Boots.pngWater Stone Boots WaterstoneBoots
Grid Aluminium Ingot.pngAluminium Ingot item.Aluminium_Ingot
16pxAluminium Plate item.Aluminium_Plate
Grid Amethyst.pngAmethyst Amethyst
Grid Crystal.pngCrystal Crystal
Grid Ruby.pngRuby Ruby
Grid Sapphire.pngSapphire Sapphire
Grid Silicon.pngSilicon Silicon
Grid Old Rod.pngOld Rod item.Old_Rod
Grid Good Rod.pngGood Rod item.Good_Rod
Grid Super Rod New.pngSuper Rod item.Super_Rod
Grid Trade Monitor.pngTrade Monitor item.Trade_Monitor
Grid Trade Holder Right.pngTrade Holder Right item.Trade_Holder_Right
Grid Trade Holder Left.pngTrade Holder Left item.Trade_Holder_Left
Grid Trade Panel.pngTrade Panel item.Trade_Panel
Orb of Frozen Souls.pngOrb of Frozen Souls item.Uno_Orb
Orb of Static Souls.pngOrb of Static Souls item.Dos_Orb
Orb of Fiery Souls.pngOrb of Fiery Souls item.Tres_Orb
Grid Orb.pngOrb item.Orb
Grid Poké Chest.pngPoké Chest item.pokeChest
Grid Ultra Chest.pngUltra Chest item.ultraChest
Grid Master Chest.pngMaster Chest item.masterChest
Grid Itemfinder.pngItemfinder item.itemFinder
Grid Poké Ball.pngPoké Ball item.Poke_Ball
Grid Great Ball.pngGreat Ball item.Great_Ball
Grid Ultra Ball.pngUltra Ball item.Ultra_Ball
Grid Master Ball.pngMaster Ball item.Master_Ball
Grid Level Ball.pngLevel Ball item.Level_Ball
Grid Moon Ball.pngMoon Ball item.Moon_Ball
Grid Friend Ball.pngFriend Ball item.Friend_Ball
Grid Love Ball.pngLove Ball item.Love_Ball
Grid Safari Ball.pngSafari Ball item.Safari_Ball
Grid Heavy Ball.pngHeavy Ball item.Heavy_Ball
Grid Fast Ball.pngFast Ball item.Fast_Ball
Grid Repeat Ball.pngRepeat Ball item.Repeat_Ball
Grid Timer Ball.pngTimer Ball item.Timer_Ball
Grid Nest Ball.pngNest Ball item.Nest_Ball
Grid Net Ball.pngNet Ball item.Net_Ball
Grid Dive Ball.pngDive Ball item.Dive_Ball
Grid Luxury Ball.pngLuxury Ball item.Luxury_Ball
Grid Heal Ball.pngHeal Ball item.Heal_Ball
Grid Dusk Ball.pngDusk Ball item.Dusk_Ball
Grid Park Ball.pngPark Ball item.Park_Ball
Grid Quick Ball.pngQuick Ball item.Quick_Ball
Grid Lure Ball.pngLure Ball item.Lure_Ball
Grid Sport Ball.pngSport Ball item.Sport_Ball
Grid Cherish Ball.pngCherish Ball item.Cherish_Ball
Grid Premier Ball.pngPremier Ball item.Premier_Ball
Grid GS Ball.pngGS Ball item.GS_Ball
Grid Poké Ball Lid.pngPoké Ball Lid item.Poke_Ball_Lid
Grid Great Ball Lid.pngGreat Ball Lid item.Great_Ball_Lid
Grid Ultra Ball Lid.pngUltra Ball Lid item.Ultra_Ball_Lid
Grid Level Ball Lid.pngLevel Ball Lid item.Level_Ball_Lid
Grid Moon Ball Lid.pngMoon Ball Lid item.Moon_Ball_Lid
Grid Friend Ball Lid.pngFriend Ball Lid item.Friend_Ball_Lid
Grid Love Ball Lid.pngLove Ball Lid item.Love_Ball_Lid
Grid Safari Ball Lid.pngSafari Ball Lid item.Safari_Ball_Lid
Grid Heavy Ball Lid.pngHeavy Ball Lid item.Heavy_Ball_Lid
Grid Fast Ball Lid.pngFast Ball Lid item.Fast_Ball_Lid
Grid Repeat Ball Lid.pngRepeat Ball Lid item.Repeat_Ball_Lid
Grid Timer Ball Lid.pngTimer Ball Lid item.Timer_Ball_Lid
Grid Nest Ball Lid.pngNest Ball Lid item.Nest_Ball_Lid
Grid Net Ball Lid.pngNet Ball Lid item.Net_Ball_Lid
Grid Dive Ball Lid.pngDive Ball Lid item.Dive_Ball_Lid
Grid Luxury Ball Lid.pngLuxury Ball Lid item.Luxury_Ball_Lid
Grid Heal Ball Lid.pngHeal Ball Lid item.Heal_Ball_Lid
Grid Dusk Ball Lid.pngDusk Ball Lid item.Dusk_Ball_Lid
Grid Premier Ball Lid.pngPremier Ball Lid item.Premier_Ball_Lid
Grid Quick Ball Lid.pngQuick Ball Lid item.Quick_Ball_Lid
Grid Lure Ball Lid.pngLure Ball Lid item.Lure_Ball_Lid
Grid Sport Ball Lid.pngSport Ball Lid item.Sport_Ball_Lid
Grid Poké Ball Disc.pngPoké Ball Disc item.Poke_Ball_Disc
Grid Great Ball Disc.pngGreat Ball Disc item.Great_Ball_Disc
Grid Ultra Ball Disc.pngUltra Ball Disc item.Ultra_Ball_Disc
Grid Level Ball Disc.pngLevel Ball Disc item.Level_Ball_Disc
Grid Moon Ball Disc.pngMoon Ball Disc item.Moon_Ball_Disc
Grid Friend Ball Disc.pngFriend Ball Disc item.Friend_Ball_Disc
Grid Love Ball Disc.pngLove Ball Disc item.Love_Ball_Disc
Grid Safari Ball Disc.pngSafari Ball Disc item.Safari_Ball_Disc
Grid Heavy Ball Disc.pngHeavy Ball Disc item.Heavy_Ball_Disc
Grid Fast Ball Disc.pngFast Ball Disc item.Fast_Ball_Disc
Grid Repeat Ball Disc.pngRepeat Ball Disc item.Repeat_Ball_Disc
Grid Timer Ball Disc.pngTimer Ball Disc item.Timer_Ball_Disc
Grid Nest Ball Disc.pngNest Ball Disc item.Nest_Ball_Disc
Grid Net Ball Disc.pngNet Ball Disc item.Net_Ball_Disc
Grid Dive Ball Disc.pngDive Ball Disc item.Dive_Ball_Disc
Grid Luxury Ball Disc.pngLuxury Ball Disc item.Luxury_Ball_Disc
Grid Heal Ball Disc.pngHeal Ball Disc item.Heal_Ball_Disc
Grid Dusk Ball Disc.pngDusk Ball Disc item.Dusk_Ball_Disc
Grid Premier Ball Disc.pngPremier Ball Disc item.Premier_Ball_Disc
Grid Quick Ball Disc.pngQuick Ball Disc item.Quick_Ball_Disc
Grid Lure Ball Disc.pngLure Ball Disc item.Lure_Ball_Disc
Grid Sport Ball Disc.pngSport Ball Disc item.Sport_Ball_Disc
Grid Iron Disc.pngIron Disc item.Iron_Disc
Grid Iron Base.pngIron Base item.Iron_Base
16pxAluminium Disc item.Aluminum_Disc
16pxAluminium Base item.Aluminum_Base
Grid Balance Badge.pngBalance Badge item.Balance_Badge
Grid Beacon Badge.pngBeacon Badge item.Beacon_Badge
Grid Boulder Badge.pngBoulder Badge item.Boulder_Badge
Grid Cascade Badge.pngCascade Badge item.Cascade_Badge
Grid Coal Badge.pngCoal Badge item.Coal_Badge
Grid Cobble Badge.pngCobble Badge item.Cobble_Badge
Grid Dynamo Badge.pngDynamo Badge item.Dynamo_Badge
Grid Earth Badge.pngEarth Badge item.Earth_Badge
Grid Feather Badge.pngFeather Badge item.Feather_Badge
Grid Fen Badge.pngFen Badge item.Fen_Badge
Grid Fog Badge.pngFog Badge item.Fog_Badge
Grid Forest Badge.pngForest Badge item.Forest_Badge
Grid Glacier Badge.pngGlacier Badge item.Glacier_Badge
Grid Heat Badge.pngHeat Badge item.Heat_Badge
Grid Hive Badge.pngHive Badge item.Hive_Badge
Grid Icicle Badge.pngIcicle Badge item.Icicle_Badge
Grid Knuckle Badge.pngKnuckle Badge item.Knuckle_Badge
Grid Marsh Badge.pngMarsh Badge item.Marsh_Badge
Grid Mind Badge.pngMind Badge item.Mind_Badge
Grid Mine Badge.pngMine Badge item.Mine_Badge
Grid Mineral Badge.pngMineral Badge item.Mineral_Badge
Grid Plain Badge.pngPlain Badge item.Plain_Badge
Grid Rainbow Badge.pngRainbow Badge item.Rainbow_Badge
Grid Rain Badge.pngRain Badge item.Rain_Badge
Grid Relic Badge.pngRelic Badge item.Relic_Badge
Grid Rising Badge.pngRising Badge item.Rising_Badge
Grid Soul Badge.pngSoul Badge item.Soul_Badge
Grid Stone Badge.pngStone Badge item.Stone_Badge
Grid Storm Badge.pngStorm Badge item.Storm_Badge
Grid Thunder Badge.pngThunder Badge item.Thunder_Badge
Grid Volcano Badge.pngVolcano Badge item.Volcano_Badge
Grid Zephyr Badge.pngZephyr Badge item.Zephyr_Badge
Grid Legend Badge.pngLegend Badge item.Legend_Badge
Grid Bolt Badge.pngBolt Badge item.Bolt_Badge
Grid Toxic Badge.pngToxic Badge item.Toxic_Badge
Grid Insect Badge.pngInsect Badge item.Insect_Badge
Grid Jet Badge.pngJet Badge item.Jet_Badge
Grid Wave Badge.pngWave Badge item.Wave_Badge
Grid Quake Badge.pngQuake Badge item.Quake_Badge
Grid Freeze Badge.pngFreeze Badge item.Freeze_Badge
Grid Basic Badge.pngBasic Badge item.Basic_Badge
Grid Trio Badge.pngTrio Badge item.Trio_Badge
Grid Rare Candy.pngRare Candy item.Rare_Candy
Grid Potion.pngPotion item.Potion
Grid Super Potion.pngSuper Potion item.Super_Potion
Grid Hyper Potion.pngHyper Potion item.Hyper_Potion
Grid Full Restore.pngFull Restore item.Full_Restore
Grid Revive.pngRevive item.Revive
Grid Max Revive.pngMax Revive item.Max_Revive
Grid Max Potion New.pngMax Potion item.Max_Potion
Grid Ether.pngEther item.Ether
Grid Max Ether.pngMax Ether item.Max_Ether
Grid Elixir.pngElixir item.Elixir
Grid Max Elixir.pngMax Elixir item.Max_Elixir
Grid Antidote New.pngAntidote item.Antidote
Grid Paralyze Heal.pngParalyze Heal item.Paralyze_Heal
Grid Awakening New.pngAwakening item.Awakening
Grid Burn Heal.pngBurn Heal item.Burn_Heal
Grid Ice Heal.pngIce Heal item.Ice_Heal
Grid Full Heal.pngFull Heal item.Full_Heal
Grid HP Up.pngHP Up item.HP_Up
Grid Protein.pngProtein item.Protein
Grid Iron.pngIron item.Iron
Grid Calcium.pngCalcium item.Calcium
Grid Zinc.pngZinc item.Zinc
Grid Carbos.pngCarbos item.Carbos
Grid Fresh Water.pngFresh Water item.Fresh_Water
Grid Soda Pop.pngSoda Pop item.Soda_Pop
Grid Lemonade.pngLemonade item.Lemonade
Grid Moomoo Milk.pngMoomoo Milk item.Moomoo_Milk
Grid X Attack.pngX Attack item.XAttack
Grid X Defense.pngX Defense item.XDefence
Grid X Sp. Atk.pngX Sp. Atk item.XSpecialAttack
Grid X Sp. Def.pngX Sp. Def item.XSpecialDefence
Grid X Speed.pngX Speed item.XSpeed
Grid X Accuracy.pngX Accuracy item.XAccuracy
Grid Dire Hit.pngDire Hit item.DireHit
Grid Energy Powder.pngEnergy Powder item.EnergyPowder
Grid Energy Root.pngEnergy Root item.EnergyRoot
Grid Heal Powder.pngHeal Powder item.HealPowder
Grid Revival Herb.pngRevival Herb item.RevivalHerb
Grid Pomeg Berry.pngPomeg Berry item.Pomeg_Berry
Grid Kelpsy Berry.pngKelpsy Berry item.Kelpsy_Berry
Grid Qualot Berry.pngQualot Berry item.Qualot_Berry
Grid Hondew Berry.pngHondew Berry item.Hondew_Berry
Grid Grepa Berry.pngGrepa Berry item.Grepa_Berry
Grid Tamato Berry.pngTamato Berry item.Tamato_Berry
Grid Oran Berry.pngOran Berry item.Oran_Berry
Grid Rawst Berry New.pngRawst Berry item.Rawst_Berry
Grid Leppa Berry New.pngLeppa Berry item.Leppa_Berry
Grid Apicot Berry.pngApicot Berry item.ApicotBerry
Grid Liechi Berry.pngLiechi Berry item.LiechiBerry
Grid Ganlon Berry.pngGanlon Berry item.GanlonBerry
Grid Salac Berry.pngSalac Berry item.SalacBerry
Grid Petaya Berry.pngPetaya Berry item.PetayaBerry
Grid Starf Berry.pngStarf Berry item.StarfBerry
Grid Aguav Berry.pngAguav Berry item.AguavBerry
Grid Figy Berry.pngFigy Berry item.FigBerry
Grid Iapapa Berry.pngIapapa Berry item.IapapaBerry
Grid Mago Berry.pngMago Berry item.MagoBerry
Grid Wiki Berry.pngWiki Berry item.WikiBerry
Grid Lansat Berry.pngLansat Berry item.LansatBerry
Grid Cheri Berry.pngCheri Berry item.CheriBerry
Grid Chesto Berry.pngChesto Berry item.ChestoBerry
Grid Pecha Berry.pngPecha Berry item.PechaBerry
Grid Aspear Berry.pngAspear Berry item.AspearBerry
Grid Persim Berry.pngPersim Berry item.PersimBerry
Grid Lum Berry.pngLum Berry item.LumBerry
Grid Pumkin Berry.pngPumkin Berry item.PumkinBerry
Grid Drash Berry.pngDrash Berry item.DrashBerry
Grid Eggant Berry.pngEggant Berry item.EggantBerry
Grid Yago Berry.pngYago Berry item.YagoBerry
Grid Touga Berry.pngTouga Berry item.TougaBerry
Grid Sitrus Berry.pngSitrus Berry item.SitrusBerry
Grid Custap Berry.pngCustap Berry item.CustapBerry
Grid Occa Berry.pngOcca Berry item.OccaBerry
Grid Passho Berry.pngPassho Berry item.PasshoBerry
Grid Wacan Berry.pngWacan Berry item.WacanBerry
Grid Rindo Berry.pngRindo Berry item.RindoBerry
Grid Yache Berry.pngYache Berry item.YacheBerry
Grid Chople Berry.pngChople Berry item.ChopleBerry
Grid Kebia Berry.pngKebia Berry item.KebiaBerry
Grid Shuca Berry.pngShuca Berry item.ShucaBerry
Grid Coba Berry.pngCoba Berry item.CobaBerry
Grid Payapa Berry.pngPayapa Berry item.PayapaBerry
Grid Tanga Berry.pngTanga Berry item.TangaBerry
Grid Charti Berry.pngCharti Berry item.ChartiBerry
Grid Kasib Berry.pngKasib Berry item.KasibBerry
Grid Haban Berry.pngHaban Berry item.HabanBerry
Grid Colbur Berry.pngColbur Berry item.ColburBerry
Grid Babiri Berry.pngBabiri Berry item.BabiriBerry
Grid Chilan Berry.pngChilan Berry item.ChilanBerry
Grid Ginema Berry.pngGinema Berry item.GinemaBerry
Grid Jaboca Berry.pngJaboca Berry item.JabocaBerry
Grid Rowap Berry.pngRowap Berry item.RowapBerry
Grid Enigma Berry.pngEnigma Berry item.EnigmaBerry
Grid Micle Berry.pngMicle Berry item.MicleBerry
Grid Grotto Spawner.pngGrotto Spawner item.spawnGrotto
Grid Moss Rock.pngMoss Rock item.Mossy_Rock
Grid Ice Rock.pngIce Rock item.Icy_Rock
Grid Black Apricorn.pngBlack Apricorn item.Black_Apricorn
Grid White Apricorn.pngWhite Apricorn item.White_Apricorn
Grid Pink Apricorn.pngPink Apricorn item.Pink_Apricorn
Grid Green Apricorn.pngGreen Apricorn item.Green_Apricorn
Grid Blue Apricorn.pngBlue Apricorn item.Blue_Apricorn
Grid Yellow Apricorn.pngYellow Apricorn item.Yellow_Apricorn
Grid Red Apricorn.pngRed Apricorn item.Red_Apricorn
Grid Cooked Black Apricorn.pngCooked Black Apricorn item.Cooked_Black_Apricorn
Grid Cooked White Apricorn.pngCooked White Apricorn item.Cooked_White_Apricorn
Grid Cooked Green Apricorn.pngCooked Green Apricorn item.Cooked_Green_Apricorn
Grid Cooked Blue Apricorn.pngCooked Blue Apricorn item.Cooked_Blue_Apricorn
Grid Cooked Yellow Apricorn.pngCooked Yellow Apricorn item.Cooked_Yellow_Apricorn
Grid Cooked Pink Apricorn.pngCooked Pink Apricorn item.Cooked_Pink_Apricorn
Grid Cooked Red Apricorn.pngCooked Red Apricorn item.Cooked_Red_Apricorn
Grid Helix Fossil.pngHelix Fossil item.HelixFossil
Grid Dome Fossil.pngDome Fossil item.DomeFossil
Grid Old Amber.pngOld Amber item.OldAmber
Grid Root Fossil.pngRoot Fossil item.RootFossil
Grid Claw Fossil.pngClaw Fossil item.ClawFossil
Grid Skull Fossil.pngSkull Fossil item.SkullFossil
Grid Armor Fossil.pngArmor Fossil item.ArmorFossil
Grid Cover Fossil.pngCover Fossil item.CoverFossil
Grid Plume Fossil.pngPlume Fossil item.PlumeFossil
Grid Covered Helix Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil0
Grid Covered Dome Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil1
Grid Covered Old Amber.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil2
Grid Covered Root Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil3
Grid Covered Claw Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil4
Grid Covered Skull Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil5
Grid Covered Armor Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil6
Grid Covered Cover Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil7
Grid Covered Plume Fossil.pngCovered Fossil item.coveredFossil8
Grid Sun Stone.pngSun Stone item.Sun_Stone
Grid Fire Stone.pngFire Stone item.Fire_Stone
Grid Water Stone.pngWater Stone item.Water_Stone
Grid Moon Stone.pngMoon Stone item.Moon_Stone
Grid Thunder Stone.pngThunder Stone item.Thunder_Stone
Grid Leaf Stone.pngLeaf Stone item.Leaf_Stone
Grid Dusk Stone.pngDusk Stone item.Dusk_Stone
Grid Dawn Stone.pngDawn Stone item.Dawn_Stone
Grid Thunder Stone Shard.pngThunder Stone Shard item.Thunder_Stone_Shard
Grid Leaf Stone Shard.pngLeaf Stone Shard item.Leaf_Stone_Shard
Grid Water Stone Shard.pngWater Stone Shard item.Water_Stone_Shard
Grid Fire Stone Shard.pngFire Stone Shard item.Fire_Stone_Shard
Grid Sun Stone Shard New.pngSun Stone Shard item.Sun_Stone_Shard
Grid Dusk Stone Shard.pngDusk Stone Shard item.Dusk_Stone_Shard
Grid Dawn Stone Shard.pngDawn Stone Shard item.Dawn_Stone_Shard
Grid Everstone.pngEverstone item.Ever_Stone
Grid Lucky Egg.pngLucky Egg item.Lucky_Egg
Grid Exp. Share New.pngExp. Share item.Exp._Share
Grid Choice Band.pngChoice Band item.Choice_Band
Grid Choice Scarf.pngChoice Scarf item.Choice_Scarf
Grid Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs item.Choice_Specs
Grid Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band item.MuscleBand
Grid Macho Brace New.pngMacho Brace item.Macho_Brace
Grid Power Weight.pngPower Weight item.Power_Weight
Grid Power Bracer.pngPower Bracer item.Power_Bracer
Grid Power Belt.pngPower Belt item.Power_Belt
Grid Power Lens.pngPower Lens item.Power_Lens
Grid Power Belt.pngPower Belt item.Power_Belt
Grid Power Band.pngPower Band item.Power_Band
Grid Power Anklet.pngPower Anklet item.Power_Anklet
Grid Soothe Bell.pngSoothe Bell item.Soothe_Bell
Grid Smoke Ball New.pngSmoke Ball item.Smoke_Ball
Grid Wide Lens New.pngWide Lens item.WideLens
Grid Leftovers.pngLeftovers item.Leftovers
Grid Shell Bell.pngShell Bell item.Shell_Bell
Grid Cell Battery.pngCell Battery item.Cell_Battery
Grid Metronome.pngMetronome item.Metronome
Grid Dubious Disc New.pngDubious Disc item.Dubious_Disc
Grid Electirizer New.pngElectirizer item.Electirizer
Grid Magmarizer New.pngMagmarizer item.Magmarizer
Grid King's Rock New.pngKing's Rock item.King's_Rock
Grid Protector New.pngProtector item.Protector
Grid Up-Grade New.pngUp-Grade item.Up-Grade
Grid Razor Fang New.pngRazor Fang item.Razor_Fang
Grid Dragon Scale.pngDragon Scale item.Dragon_Scale
Grid Absorb Bulb.pngAbsorb Bulb item.AbsorbBulb
Grid Life Orb.pngLife Orb item.Life_Orb
Grid Toxic Orb.pngToxic Orb item.ToxicOrb
Grid Flame Orb.pngFlame Orb item.FlameOrb
Grid Full Incense.pngFull Incense item.Full_Incense
Grid Lax Incense.pngLax Incense item.Lax_Incense
Grid Luck Incense.pngLuck Incense item.Luck_Incense
Grid Odd Incense.pngOdd Incense item.Odd_Incense
Grid Pure Incense.pngPure Incense item.Pure_Incense
Grid Rock Incense.pngRock Incense item.Rock_Incense
Grid Rose Incense.pngRose Incense item.Rose_Incense
Grid Sea Incense.pngSea Incense item.Sea_Incense
Grid Wave Incense.pngWave Incense item.Wave_Incense
Grid Bug Gem.pngBug Gem item.Bug_Gem
Grid Dark Gem.pngDark Gem item.Dark_Gem
Grid Dragon Gem.pngDragon Gem item.Dragon_Gem
Grid Electric Gem.pngElectric Gem item.Electric_Gem
Grid Fighting Gem.pngFighting Gem item.Fighting_Gem
Grid Fire Gem.pngFire Gem item.Fire_Gem
Grid Flying Gem.pngFlying Gem item.Flying_Gem
Grid Ghost Gem.pngGhost Gem item.Ghost_Gem
Grid Grass Gem.pngGrass Gem item.Grass_Gem
Grid Ground Gem.pngGround Gem item.Ground_Gem
Grid Ice Gem.pngIce Gem item.Ice_Gem
Grid Normal Gem.pngNormal Gem item.Normal_Gem
Grid Poison Gem.pngPoison Gem item.Poison_Gem
Grid Psychic Gem.pngPsychic Gem item.Psychic_Gem
Grid Rock Gem.pngRock Gem item.Rock_Gem
Grid Steel Gem.pngSteel Gem item.Steel_Gem
Grid Water Gem.pngWater Gem item.Water_Gem
Grid Fairy Gem.pngFairy Gem item.Fairy_Gem
Grid Black Belt.pngBlack Belt item.BlackBelt
Grid Black Glasses.pngBlack Glasses item.BlackGlasses
Grid Charcoal.pngCharcoal item.Charcoal
Grid Dragon Fang.pngDragon Fang item.DragonFang
Grid Hard Stone.pngHard Stone item.HardStone
Grid Magnet.pngMagnet item.Magnet
Grid Metal Coat New.pngMetal Coat item.Metal_Coat
Grid Miracle Seed.pngMiracle Seed item.MiracleSeed
Grid Mystic Water.pngMystic Water item.MysticWater
Grid Never-Melt Ice.pngNever-Melt Ice item.NeverMeltIce
Grid Poison Barb.pngPoison Barb item.PoisonBarb
Grid Sharp Beak.pngSharp Beak item.SharpBeak
Grid Silk Scarf.pngSilk Scarf item.SilkScarf
Grid Silver Powder.pngSilver Powder item.SilverPowder
Grid Soft Sand.pngSoft Sand item.SoftSand
Grid Spell Tag.pngSpell Tag item.SpellTag
Grid Twisted Spoon.pngTwisted Spoon item.TwistedSpoon
Grid Destiny Knot.pngDestiny Knot item.destinyKnot
Grid Razor Claw.pngRazor Claw item.RazorClaw
Grid Black Sludge.pngBlack Sludge item.BlackSludge
Grid Focus Band.pngFocus Band item.FocusBand
Grid Focus Sash.pngFocus Sash item.FocusSash
Grid Berry Juice.pngBerry Juice item.BerryJuice
Grid Scope Lens.pngScope Lens item.ScopeLens
Grid Air Balloon.pngAir Balloon item.AirBalloon
Grid Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet item.RockyHelmet
Grid Damp Rock.pngDamp Rock item.DampRock
Grid Heat Rock.pngHeat Rock item.HeatRock
Grid Icy Rock.pngIcy Rock item.IcyRock
Grid Smooth Rock.pngSmooth Rock item.SmoothRock
Grid Eviolite.pngEviolite item.Eviolite
Grid Light Ball.pngLight Ball item.LightBall
Grid Lucky Punch.pngLucky Punch item.LuckyPunch
Grid Metal Powder.pngMetal Powder item.MetalPowder
Grid Quick Powder.pngQuick Powder item.QuickPowder
Grid Shed Shell.pngShed Shell item.ShedShell
Grid Stick2.pngStick item.Stick
Grid Thick Club.pngThick Club item.ThickClub
Grid Power Herb.pngPower Herb item.PowerHerb
Grid Mental Herb.pngMental Herb item.MentalHerb
Grid Quick Claw.pngQuick Claw item.QuickClaw
Grid Red Card.pngRed Card item.RedCard
Grid Expert Belt.pngExpert Belt item.ExpertBelt
Grid Light Clay.pngLight Clay item.LightClay
Grid Sticky Barb.pngSticky Barb item.StickyBarb
Grid White Herb.pngWhite Herb item.WhiteHerb
Grid Big Root.pngBig Root item.BigRoot
Grid Zoom Lens.pngZoom Lens item.ZoomLens
Grid Bright Powder.pngBrightPowder item.BrightPowder
Grid Lagging Tail.pngLagging Tail item.LaggingTail
Grid Wise Glasses.pngWise Glasses item.WiseGlasses
Grid Eject Button.pngEject Button item.EjectButton
Grid Binding Band.pngBinding Band item.BindingBand
Grid Float Stone.pngFloat Stone item.FloatStone
Grid Grip Claw.pngGrip Claw item.GripClaw
Grid Iron Ball.pngIron Ball item.IronBall
Grid Ring Target.pngRing Target item.RingTarget
Grid Amulet Coin.pngAmulet Coin item.AmuletCoin
Grid Chisel.pngChisel item.chisel
Grid Ranch Upgrade.pngRanch Upgrade item.ranchupgrade
Grid Isi's Golden Hourglass.pngIsi's Golden Hourglass item.hourglassgold
Grid Isi's Silver Hourglass.pngIsi's Silver Hourglass item.hourglasssilver
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM01: Hone Claws TM01_-_Hone Claws
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM02: Dragon Claw TM02_-_Dragon Claw
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM03: Psyshock TM03_-_Psyshock
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM04: Calm Mind TM04_-_Calm Mind
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM05: Roar TM05_-_Roar
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM06: Toxic TM06_-_Toxic
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM07: Hail TM07_-_Hail
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM08: Bulk Up TM08_-_Bulk Up
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM09: Venoshock TM09_-_Venoshock
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM10: Hidden Power TM10_-_ Hidden Power
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM11: Sunny Day TM11_-_Sunny Day
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM12: Taunt TM12_-_Taunt
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM13: Ice Beam TM13_-_Ice Beam
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM14: Blizzard TM14_-_Blizzard
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM15: Hyper Beam TM15_-_Hyper Beam
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM16: Light Screen TM16_-_Light Screen
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM17: Protect TM17_-_Protect
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM18: Rain Dance TM18_-_Rain Dance
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM19: Telekinesis TM19_-_Telekinesis
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM20: Safeguard TM20_-_Safeguard
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM21: Frustration TM21_-_Frustration
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM22: SolarBeam TM22_-_SolarBeam
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM23: Smack Down TM23_-_Smack Down
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM24: Thunderbolt TM24_-_Thunderbolt
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM25: Thunder TM25_-_Thunder
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM26: Earthquake TM26_-_Earthquake
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM27: Return TM27_-_Return
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM28: Dig TM28_-_Dig
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM29: Psychic TM29_-_Psychic
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM30: Shadow Ball TM30_-_Shadow Ball
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM31: Brick Break TM31_-_Brick Break
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM32: Double Team TM32_-_Double Team
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM33: Reflect TM33_-_Reflect
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM34: Sludge Wave TM34_-_Sludge Wave
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM35: Flamethrower TM35_-_Flamethrower
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM36: Sludge Bomb TM36_-_Sludge Bomb
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM37: Sandstorm TM37_-_Sandstorm
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM38: Fire Blast TM38_-_Fire Blast
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM39: Rock Tomb TM39_-_Rock Tomb
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM40: Aerial Ace TM40_-_Aerial Ace
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM41: Torment TM41_-_Torment
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM42: Facade TM42_-_Facade
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM43: Flame Charge TM43_-_Flame Charge
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM44: Rest TM44_-_Rest
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM45: Attract TM45_-_Attract
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM46: Thief TM46_-_Thief
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM47: Low Sweep TM47_-_Low Sweep
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM48: Round TM48_-_Round
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM49: Echoed Voice TM49_-_Echoed Voice
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM50: Overheat TM50_-_Overheat
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM51: Ally Switch TM51_-_Ally Switch
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM52: Focus Blast TM52_-_Focus Blast
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM53: Energy Ball TM53_-_Energy Ball
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM54: False Swipe TM54_-_False Swipe
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM55: Scald TM55_-_Scald
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM56: Fling TM56_-_Fling
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM57: Charge Beam TM57_-_Charge Beam
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM58: Sky Drop TM58_-_Sky Drop
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM59: Incinerate TM59_-_Incinerate
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM60: Quash TM60_-_Quash
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM61: Will-O-Wisp TM61_-_Will-O-Wisp
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM62: Acrobatics TM62_-_Acrobatics
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM63: Embargo TM63_-_Embargo
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM64: Explosion TM64_-_Explosion
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM65: Shadow Claw TM65_-_Shadow Claw
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM66: Payback TM66_-_Payback
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM67: Retaliate TM67_-_Retaliate
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM68: Giga Impact TM68_-_Giga Impact
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM69: Rock Polish TM69_-_Rock Polish
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM70: Flash TM70_-_Flash
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM71: Stone Edge TM71_-_Stone Edge
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM72: Volt Switch TM72_-_Volt Switch
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM73: Thunder Wave TM73_-_Thunder Wave
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM74: Gyro Ball TM74_-_Gyro Ball
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM75: Swords Dance TM75_-_Swords Dance
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM76: Struggle Bug TM76_-_Struggle Bug
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM77: Psych Up TM77_-_Psych Up
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM78: Bulldoze TM78_-_Bulldoze
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM79: Frost Breath TM79_-_Frost Breath
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM80: Rock Slide TM80_-_Rock Slide
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM81: X-Scissor TM81_-_X-Scissor
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM82: Dragon Tail TM82_-_Dragon Tail
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM83: Work Up TM83_-_Work Up
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM84: Poison Jab TM84_-_Poison Jab
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM85: Dream Eater TM86_-_Dream Eater
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM86: Grass Knot TM85_-_Grass Knot
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM87: Swagger TM87_-_Swagger
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM88: Pluck TM88_-_Pluck
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM89: U-Turn TM89_-_U-Turn
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM90: Substitute TM90_-_Substitute
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM91: Flash Cannon TM91_-_Flash Cannon
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM92: Trick Room TM92_-_Trick Room
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM93: Wild Charge TM93_-_Wild Charge
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM94: Rock Smash TM94_-_Rock Smash
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM95: Snarl TM95_-_Snarl
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM96: Mega Punch TM96_-_Mega Punch
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM97: Razor Wind TM97_-_Razor Wind
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM98: Whirlwind TM98_-_Whirlwind
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM99: Mega Kick TM99_-_Mega Kick
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM100: Horn Drill TM100_-_Horn Drill
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM101: Body Slam TM101_-_Body Slam
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM102: Take Down TM102_-_Take Down
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM103: Double-Edge TM103_-_Double-Edge
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM104: BubbleBeam TM104_-_BubbleBeam
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM105: Water Gun TM105_-_Water Gun
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM106: Pay Day TM106_-_Pay Day
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM107: Submission TM107_-_Submission
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM108: Counter TM108_-_Counter
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM109: Seismic Toss TM109_-_Seismic Toss
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM110: Rage TM110_-_Rage
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM111: Mega Drain TM111_-_Mega Drain
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM112: Dragon Rage TM112_-_Dragon Rage
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM113: Fissure TM113_-_Fissure
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM114: Teleport TM114_-_Teleport
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM115: Mimic TM115_-_Mimic
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM116: Bide TM116_-_Bide
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM117: Metronome TM117_-_Metronome
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM118: Selfdestruct TM118_-_Selfdestruct
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM119: Egg Bomb TM119_-_Egg Bomb
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM120: Swift TM120_-_Swift
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM121: Skull Bash TM121_-_Skull Bash
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM122: Softboiled TM122_-_Softboiled
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM123: Sky Attack TM123_-_Sky Attack
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM124: Psywave TM124_-_Psywave
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM125: Tri Attack TM125_-_Tri Attack
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM126: DynamicPunch TM126_-_DynamicPunch
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM127: Headbutt TM127_-_Headbutt
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM128: Curse TM128_-_Curse
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM129: Rollout TM129_-_Rollout
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM130: Zap Cannon TM130_-_Zap Cannon
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM131: Sweet Scent TM131_-_Sweet Scent
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM132: Snore TM132_-_Snore
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM133: Icy Wind TM133_-_Icy Wind
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM134: Giga Drain TM134_-_Giga Drain
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM135: Endure TM135_-_Endure
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM136: Iron Tail TM136_-_Iron Tail
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM137: DragonBreath TM137_-_DragonBreath
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM138: Mud-Slap TM138_-_Mud-Slap
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM139: Ice Punch TM139_-_Ice Punch
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM140: Sleep Talk TM140_-_Sleep Talk
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM141: Defense Curl TM141_-_Defense Curl
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM142: Thunder Punch TM142_-_Thunder Punch
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM143: Detect TM143_-_Detect
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM144: Steel Wing TM144_-_Steel Wing
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM145: Fire Punch TM145_-_Fire Punch
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM146: Fury Cutter TM146_-_Fury Cutter
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM147: Nightmare TM147_-_Nightmare
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM148: Focus Punch TM148_-_Focus Punch
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM149: Water Pulse TM149_-_Water Pulse
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM150: Bullet Seed TM150_-_Bullet Seed
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM151: Shock Wave TM151_-_Shock Wave
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM152: Secret Power TM152_-_Secret Power
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM153: Skill Swap TM153_-_Skill Swap
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM154: Snatch TM154_-_Snatch
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM155: Roost TM155_-_Roost
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM156: Brine TM156_-_Brine
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM157: Dragon Pulse TM157_-_Dragon Pulse
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM158: Drain Punch TM158_-_Drain Punch
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM159: Silver Wind TM159_-_Silver Wind
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM160: Recycle TM160_-_Recycle
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM161: Avalanche TM161_-_Avalanche
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM162: Stealth Rock TM162_-_Stealth Rock
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM163: Captivate TM163_-_Captivate
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM164: Dark Pulse TM164_-_Dark Pulse
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM165: Natural Gift TM165_-_Natural Gift
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngHM01: Cut HM01_-_Cut
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngHM02: Fly HM02_-_Fly
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM03: Surf HM03_-_Surf
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngHM04: Strength HM04_-_Strength
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngHM05: Defog HM05_-_Defog
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngHM06: Rock Smash HM06_-_Rock Smash
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM07: Waterfall HM07_-_Waterfall
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngHM08: Rock Climb HM08_-_Rock Climb
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM09: Whirlpool HM09_-_Whirlpool
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM10: Dive HM10_-_Dive
Grid Air Mail.pngAir Mail PokeMail-air
Grid Bloom Mail.pngBloom Mail PokeMail-bloom
Grid Brick Mail.pngBrick Mail PokeMail-brick
Grid BridgeMail D.pngBridgeMail D PokeMail-bridged
Grid BridgeMail M.pngBridgeMail M PokeMail-bridgem
Grid BridgeMail S.pngBridgeMail S PokeMail-bridges
Grid BridgeMail V.pngBridgeMail V PokeMail-bridgev
Grid Bubble Mail.pngBubble Mail PokeMail-bubble
Grid Dream Mail.pngDream Mail PokeMail-dream
Grid Fab Mail.pngFab Mail PokeMail-fab
Grid Favored Mail.pngFavored Mail PokeMail-favored
Grid Flame Mail.pngFlame Mail PokeMail-flame
Grid Glitter Mail.pngGlitter Mail PokeMail-glitter
Grid Grass Mail.pngGrass Mail PokeMail-grass
Grid Greet Mail.pngGreet Mail PokeMail-greet
Grid Heart Mail.pngHeart Mail PokeMail-heart
Grid Inquiry Mail.pngInquiry Mail PokeMail-inquiry
Grid Like Mail.pngLike Mail PokeMail-like
Grid Mech Mail.pngMech Mail PokeMail-mech
Grid Mosaic Mail.pngMosaic Mail PokeMail-mosaic
Grid Orange Mail.pngOrange Mail PokeMail-orange
Grid Reply Mail.pngReply Mail PokeMail-reply
Grid Retro Mail.pngRetro Mail PokeMail-retro
Grid RSVP Mail.pngRSVP Mail PokeMail-rsvp
Grid Snow Mail.pngSnow Mail PokeMail-snow
Grid Space Mail.pngSpace Mail PokeMail-space
Grid Steel Mail.pngSteel Mail PokeMail-steel
Grid Thanks Mail.pngThanks Mail PokeMail-thanks
Grid Wave Mail.pngWave Mail PokeMail-wave
Grid Wood Mail.pngWood Mail PokeMail-wood
Grid Hidden Cube.pngHidden Cube item.HiddenCube
Grid Hidden Iron Door.pngHidden Iron Door Hidden_Iron_Door
Grid Hidden Pressure Plate.pngHidden Pressure Plate Hidden_Pressure_Plate
Grid Hidden Wooden Door.pngHidden Wooden Door Hidden_Wooden_Door
Grid Gift Box.pngGift Box item.Gift_Box
Grid Boulder.pngBoulder Bolder
Grid Box.pngBox Box
Grid Bridge Block.pngBridge Block BridgeBlock
Grid Cave Rock.pngCave Rock CaveRock
Grid Chair.pngChair Chair
Grid Blue Clock.pngBlue Clock BlueClock
Grid Pink Clock.pngPink Clock PinkClock
Grid Clothed Table.pngClothed Table item.ClothedTable
Grid Red Cushion Chair.pngRed Cushion Chair RedCushionChair
Grid Yellow Cushion Chair.pngYellow Cushion Chair YellowCushionChair
Grid End Table.pngEnd Table EndTable
Grid Fossil Display.pngFossil Display item.FossilDisplay
Grid Fridge.pngFridge item.Fridge
Grid Green Folding Chair.pngGreen Folding Chair GreenFoldingChair
Grid Gym Sign.pngGym Sign GymSign
Grid Inside Wall.pngInside Wall InsideWall
Grid Inside Wall Moulding.pngInside Wall Moulding InsideWallMolding
Grid Outside Wall.pngOutside Wall OutsideWall
Grid Picket Fence.pngPicket Fence PicketFence
Grid Blue Poké Ball Rug.pngBlue Poké Ball Rug item.BluePokeBallRug
Grid Green Poké Ball Rug.pngGreen Poké Ball Rug item.GreenPokeBallRug
Grid Red Poké Ball Rug.pngRed Poké Ball Rug item.RedPokeBallRug
Grid Yellow Poké Ball Rug.pngYellow Poké Ball Rug item.YellowPokeBallRug
Grid PokéCenter Sign.pngPokéCenter Sign PokeCenterSign
Grid PokéDirt.pngPokéDirt PokeDirt
Grid Poké Mart Sign.pngPoké Mart Sign PokeMartSign
Grid PokéSand.pngPokéSand PokeSand
Grid PokéSand Corner 1.pngPokéSand Corner 1 PokeSandC1
Grid PokéSand Corner 2.pngPokéSand Corner 2 PokeSandC2
Grid PokéSand Corner 3.pngPokéSand Corner 3 PokeSandC3
Grid PokéSand Corner 4.pngPokéSand Corner 4 PokeSandC4
Grid PokéSand Side 1.pngPokéSand Side 1 PokeSandS1
Grid PokéSand Side 2.pngPokéSand Side 2 PokeSandS2
Grid PokéSand Side 3.pngPokéSand Side 3 PokeSandS3
Grid PokéSand Side 4.pngPokéSand Side 4 PokeSandS4
Grid Rock.pngRock Rock
Grid Sandy Grass.pngSandy Grass SandyGrass
Grid Shingles.pngShingles Shingles
Grid Shingles Corner 1.pngShingles Corner 1 ShinglesC1
Grid Shingles Corner 2.pngShingles Corner 2 ShinglesC2
Grid Trash Can.pngTrash Can Trashcan
Grid Tree.pngTree item.Tree
Grid Tree Bottom.pngTree Bottom TreeBottom
Grid Tree Top.pngTree Top TreeTop
Grid TV.pngTV item.TV
Grid Blue Umbrella.pngBlue Umbrella BlueUmbrella
Grid Green Umbrella.pngGreen Umbrella GreenUmbrella
Grid Red Umbrella.pngRed Umbrella RedUmbrella
Grid Yellow Umbrella.pngYellow Umbrella YellowUmbrella
Grid Blue Vending Machine.pngBlue Vending Machine item.BlueVendingMachine
Grid Green Vending Machine.pngGreen Vending Machine item.GreenVendingMachine
Grid Orange Vending Machine.pngOrange Vending Machine item.OrangeVendingMachine
Grid Pink Vending Machine.pngPink Vending Machine item.PinkVendingMachine
Grid Red Vending Machine.pngRed Vending Machine item.RedVendingMachine
Grid Yellow Vending Machine.pngYellow Vending Machine item.YellowVendingMachine
Grid Blue Water Float.pngBlue Water Float item.BlueWaterFloat
Grid Green Water Float.pngGreen Water Float item.GreenWaterFloat
Grid Orange Water Float.pngOrange Water Float item.OrangeWaterFloat
Grid Pink Water Float.pngPink Water Float item.PinkWaterFloat
Grid Purple Water Float.pngPurple Water Float item.PurpleWaterFloat
Grid Red Water Float.pngRed Water Float item.RedWaterFloat
Grid Yellow Water Float.pngYellow Water Float item.YellowWaterFloat
Grid Window 1.pngWindow 1 Window1
Grid Window 2.pngWindow 2 Window2
Grid Wooden Flooring.pngWooden Flooring WoodenFlooring
Grid Unown Block 'A'.pngUnown Block 'A' UnownBlock 0
Grid Unown Block 'B'.pngUnown Block 'B' UnownBlock 1
Grid Unown Block 'C'.pngUnown Block 'C' UnownBlock 2
Grid Unown Block 'D'.pngUnown Block 'D' UnownBlock 3
Grid Unown Block 'E'.pngUnown Block 'E' UnownBlock 4
Grid Unown Block 'F'.pngUnown Block 'F' UnownBlock 5
Grid Unown Block 'G'.pngUnown Block 'G' UnownBlock 6
Grid Unown Block 'H'.pngUnown Block 'H' UnownBlock 7
Grid Unown Block 'I'.pngUnown Block 'I' UnownBlock 8
Grid Unown Block 'J'.pngUnown Block 'J' UnownBlock 9
Grid Unown Block 'K'.pngUnown Block 'K' UnownBlock 10
Grid Unown Block 'L'.pngUnown Block 'L' UnownBlock 11
Grid Unown Block 'M'.pngUnown Block 'M' UnownBlock 12
Grid Unown Block 'N'.pngUnown Block 'N' UnownBlock 13
Grid Unown Block 'O'.pngUnown Block 'O' UnownBlock 14
Grid Unown Block 'P'.pngUnown Block 'P' UnownBlock 15
Grid Unown Block 'Q'.pngUnown Block 'Q' UnownBlock2 0
Grid Unown Block 'R'.pngUnown Block 'R' UnownBlock2 1
Grid Unown Block 'S'.pngUnown Block 'S' UnownBlock2 2
Grid Unown Block 'T'.pngUnown Block 'T' UnownBlock2 3
Grid Unown Block 'U'.pngUnown Block 'U' UnownBlock2 4
Grid Unown Block 'V'.pngUnown Block 'V' UnownBlock2 5
Grid Unown Block 'W'.pngUnown Block 'W' UnownBlock2 6
Grid Unown Block 'X'.pngUnown Block 'X' UnownBlock2 7
Grid Unown Block 'Y'.pngUnown Block 'Y' UnownBlock2 8
Grid Unown Block 'Z'.pngUnown Block 'Z' UnownBlock2 9
Grid Unown Block '!'.pngUnown Block '!' UnownBlock2 10
Grid Unown Block '?'.pngUnown Block '?' UnownBlock2 11
Grid Blank Unown Block.pngBlank Unown Block UnownBlock2 12
Grid Poké Gift.pngPoké Gift item.PokeGift
Grid Event Poké Gift.pngEvent Poké Gift tile.EventPokeGift
Grid Pixelmon Grass.pngPixelmon Grass PixelmonGrass
Grid Elevator.pngElevator Elevator
Grid Movement Plate.pngMovement Plate MovementPlate
Grid Timed Fall New.pngTimed Fall TimedFall
Grid Warp Plate.pngWarp Plate WarpPlate

Technical blocks

It is not recommended to manually spawn in these blocks; if used, there may be unexpected side effects. All of these blocks have more suitable item forms that can be used.

Item ID
Grid Anvil.pngAnvil Pixelmon_Anvil
Grid PC.pngPC PC_Block
Grid Trade Machine.pngTrade Machine Trading_Machine
Grid Healer.pngHealer PokeHealer
Grid Fossil Machine.pngFossil Machine Fossil_Machine_Block
Grid Fossil Cleaner.pngFossil Cleaner Fossil_Cleaner_Block
Grid Cloning Machine.pngCloning Machine CloningMachine
Grid Poké Chest.pngPoké Chest Poke_Chest
Grid Ultra Chest.pngUltra Chest Ultra_Chest
Grid Master Chest.pngMaster Chest Master_Chest
Grid Mechanical Anvil.pngMechanical Anvil MechanicalAnvil
Grid Frozen Shrine.pngFrozen Shrine Articuno_Shrine
Grid Static Shrine.pngStatic Shrine Zapdos_Shrine
Grid Fiery Shrine.pngFiery Shrine Moltres_Shrine
Grid Black Apricorn.pngBlack Apricorn Tree Black_Apricorn_Tree
Grid White Apricorn.pngWhite Apricorn Tree White_Apricorn_Tree
Grid Pink Apricorn.pngPink Apricorn Tree Pink_Apricorn_Tree
Grid Green Apricorn.pngGreen Apricorn Tree Green_Apricorn_Tree
Grid Blue Apricorn.pngBlue Apricorn Tree Blue_Apricorn_Tree
Grid Yellow Apricorn.pngYellow Apricorn Tree Yellow_Apricorn_Tree
Grid Red Apricorn.pngRed Apricorn Tree Red_Apricorn_Tree
Grid Ranch Block.pngRanch Block Ranch_Block
Grid Hidden Cube.pngHidden Cube Hidden_Cube
Grid Clothed Table.pngClothed Table ClothedTable
Grid Fossil Display.pngFossil Display FossilDisplay
Grid Fridge.pngFridge Fridge
Grid Picket Fence.pngPicket Fence PicketFenceCorner
Grid Picket Fence.pngPicket Fence PicketFenceCross
Grid Picket Fence.pngPicket Fence PicketFenceNormal
Grid Blue Poké Ball Rug.pngBlue Poké Ball Rug BluePokeBallRug
Grid Green Poké Ball Rug.pngGreen Poké Ball Rug GreenPokeBallRug
Grid Red Poké Ball Rug.pngRed Poké Ball Rug RedPokeBallRug
Grid Yellow Poké Ball Rug.pngYellow Poké Ball Rug YellowPokeBallRug
Grid Tree.pngTree Tree
Grid TV.pngTV TV
Grid Blue Vending Machine.pngBlue Vending Machine BlueVendingMachine
Grid Green Vending Machine.pngGreen Vending Machine GreenVendingMachine
Grid Orange Vending Machine.pngOrange Vending Machine OrangeVendingMachine
Grid Pink Vending Machine.pngPink Vending Machine PinkVendingMachine
Grid Red Vending Machine.pngRed Vending Machine RedVendingMachine
Grid Yellow Vending Machine.pngYellow Vending Machine YellowVendingMachine
Grid Blue Water Float.pngBlue Water Float BlueWaterFloat
Grid Green Water Float.pngGreen Water Float GreenWaterFloat
Grid Orange Water Float.pngOrange Water Float OrangeWaterFloat
Grid Pink Water Float.pngPink Water Float PinkWaterFloat
Grid Purple Water Float.pngPurple Water Float PurpleWaterFloat
Grid Red Water Float.pngRed Water Float RedWaterFloat
Grid Yellow Water Float.pngYellow Water Float YellowWaterFloat
Grid Poké Gift.pngPoké Gift tile.PokeGift

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