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Move Skill Controller is a Pixelmon sidemod introduced alongside Pixelmon 7.1 that adds a large number of configuration options for the newly added Move Skills. It can be used to adjust which move skills are enabled and shown to the player, which Pokémon and moves allow them, the cooldown on each one, as well as many other specific options.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version MoveSkillController version
1.12.2 7.1.0 1.0.3

On servers, the Move Skill Controller is server-side and does not need to be installed by players.

Minecraft launcher

  1. Download Move Skill Controller for your version of Minecraft here.
  2. Place the downloaded jar file in the mods folder.

Config settings

The configuration file is generated at ./config/moveSkillController.json. Some options are specific to particular move skills, but many are identical for all.

Common options

The following options exist for all move skills.

  • enabled: Whether or not this move skill will be visible and usable by players.
  • nodeToUse: The permission node required to use this move. By default this is blank which allows anybody with suitable Pokémon to use it.
  • cooldownTicks: The number of ticks to use as the base cooldown rate for the move skill. Note that some move skills use this as only part of the calculation for how long the move skill takes to cool down, so this value is not always exactly how long it will take.
  • range: The block range that the move is effective at. If the move skill is one that has no target (such as Flash) then this option is meaningless.
  • anyMoves: The list of moves that a Pokémon must have at least one of to be able to use the move skill.
  • combinationMoves: The list of moves that a Pokémon must have all of to be able to use the move skill.
  • ableSpecs: The list of Pokémon Specs that a Pokémon must match at least one of to be able to use the move skill. This means that a move skill may require specific Pokémon as well as specific moves.
  • intrinsicSpecs: The list of Pokémon Specs that automatically allow a Pokémon to use the move skill, regardless of any move requirements that might exist.
  • usePP: Whether or not this move skill will reduce the PP of its base move when used. This will remove 1 PP from the first element of anyMoves that this Pokémon possesses, as well as 1 PP from every entry of combinationMoves. If a Pokémon is able to use the move because they fit one of the intrinsicSpecs, then no PP will be taken even if they have moves that otherwise would be reduced.
  • descriptions: A list of paragraphs to use as a description of the move skill when hovered over in the move skill GUI. This uses translation keys by default, but if changed to plain text it will render as such in the GUI of players. It is not advisable to try more than 2 paragraphs of description.

Specific options

The following options apply only to specific move skills.

  • cutMaximumLogs: The maximum number of logs that a tree can contain until Cut will no longer work, regardless of the Pokémon's Attack stat.
  • cutTicksBetweenChops: The number of ticks to wait between each breaking of a log after using Cut. The larger this number is, the less lag can be caused by the use of the move.
  • groundBirdsAffectsOwnedPokemon: Whether the Ground Birds move skill is able to affect Pokémon owned by other players.
  • mountBoostDurationSeconds: The number of seconds that a Pokémon's riding speed is boosted after using Mount Boost.
  • oreSenseDurationTicks: The number of ticks that exposed ores will remain visible after using Ore Sense.
  • oreSenseMaxSearchRadius: The maximum block range from the Pokémon that ores will be exposed after using Ore Sense.
  • scareRange: The block range in which Pokémon will be affected by the use of the Scare move skill.
  • smeltInstaSmeltForMedHighStrength: Whether the Smelt move skill will instantly smelt some of the furnace's contents when a medium or high strength Fire-type move is learned by the Pokémon.
  • smeltHighStrength: A list of moves that are considered high-strength when using the Smelt move skill. The high-strength moves have the largest fuel input and instantly smelt a large number of items.
  • smeltMedStrength: A list of moves that are considered medium-strength when using the Smelt move skill. The medium-strength moves have a moderate fuel input and instantly smelt a small number of items.
  • weatherChangerAllowMultiplayerWeather: Whether or not weather changing move skills such as Rain Dance and Sunny Day are able to work even when on a multiplayer server with multiple players online. If this option is set to false, it will only work on LAN worlds, singleplayer, and on multiplayer servers with only 1 player online.

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