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PixelEvent is a Pixelmon sidemod and Sponge plugin for creating custom events within a limited time, wherein players need to make a specific action (either capturing or defeating Pokémon) and are rewarded according to a leaderboard system. The specific actions and rewards are entirely customizable.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version PixelEvent version
1.12.2 7.0+ 5.4.3

PixelEvent is a Sponge plugin, which means it's only server-side. You need Pixelmon Reforged, GriefPrevention and SpongeForge to run it. Download the plugin jar and put it in the mods folder. Configuration can be found inside /config/PixelEvent after the server is first started with the plugin.


First, the config.cfg file needs to be edited to change the reward command (see reward module). To quickly create the event, you can use /pea config then follow the explanation. You can click on the message to make your choice. You can check the existing settings using /pe info. Once you have finished configuring, start the event with /pea start.

Example events:

  • Defeat Rattata
  • Defeat a Water-type Pokémon
  • Capture a Fire-type Pokémon
  • Capture a Caterpie
  • Capture a Caterpie with an Ultra Ball
  • Capture a Water-type Pokémon with a Love Ball


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

Player commands

  • /pixelevent score (or /pe score) : Displays your score.
  • /pixelevent info (or /pe info) : Display all information about the event.
  • /pixelevent leaderboard (or /pe leaderboard) : Displays the leaderboard.

Staff commands

  • /pixeleventadmin wiki (or /pea wiki): Sends the URL of this wiki page.
  • /pixeleventadmin start (or /pea start): Starts the event.
  • /pixeleventadmin stop (or /pea stop): Stops the event and cancels it (No reward).
  • /pixeleventadmin settimer <time in minutes> (or /pea settimer <time in minutes>): Changes the time for your event.
  • /pixeleventadmin setball <name of the ball> (or /pea setball <name of the ball>): Define a new ball for the event (Master Ball etc).
  • /pixeleventadmin setpokemon <Pokémon name> (or /pea setpokemon <Pokémon name>): Define a new Pokémon for the event (Magikarp etc).
  • /pixeleventadmin settype <Pokémon type> (or /pea settype <Pokémon type>): Define a new type for the event (Water etc).
  • /pixeleventadmin setevent <Capture/Kill> (or /pea setevent <Capture/Kill>): Define a new Event (Capture or Kill).
  • /pixeleventadmin reload (or /pea reload): Reload the config and the lang file.
  • /pixeleventadmin debug (or /pea debug): This command will tell you if your config is setup correctly, else it tells you the error in the config.
  • /pixeleventadmin addclaimw (or /pea addclaimw): When doing this in a claim, add the claim into the whitelist.
  • /pixeleventadmin removeclaimw (or /pea removeclaimw): When doing this in a claim, remove the claim of the whitelist.
  • /pixeleventadmin addclaimb (or /pea addclaimb): When doing this in a claim, add the claim into the blacklist.
  • /pixeleventadmin removeclaimb (or /pea removeclaimb): When doing this in a claim, remove the claim of the blacklist.
  • /pixeleventadmin config (or /pea config): Do this command for easy setup of the config, you can click on the text to valide your choice.
  • /pear : Change the config to do random event. You can add -capture to force event to be Capture, -kill and if you put -pokemon/-ball/-type it will force the option to be "all".


Player nodes

  • /pixelevent: pixelevent.command.pixelevent

Staff nodes

  • /pixeleventadmin: pixelevent.command.pixeleventadmin
  • /pixelevent leaderboard (To bypass the config during the event): pixelevent.command.leaderboard
  • /pear: pixelevent.command.pixeleventadminrandom


General configuration

Option Description Default value
timer Set the timer of the event in minutes. 5
event Type of event (Capture or Kill). Capture
name Name of the Pokémon. All (That means every Pokémon counts for the specified event)
type Type of the Pokémon. All (That means every type counts for the specified event); Be carefull, it is case sensitive !
ball Type of the ball. All (That means every ball counts for the specified event)
leaderboard Set true to allow users to do /leaderboard during the event. false
enablebossbar Set true to display boss bar during the event. false

Area configuration

Option Description Default value
allowclaim Set to true to allow the event to work in all claims. false
allowwilderness Set to true to allow the event to work in the wilderness. true
enableblacklist Set to true to deny claim in #blacklistclaim. false
enablewhitelist Set to true to allow the event to work only in #whitelistclaim. false
whitelistclaim List of claim UUIDs that you want to make the event work in. Empty list.
blacklistclaim List of claim UUIDs that you want to make the event won't work. Empty list.

Reward configuration

Option Description Default value
rewardfirst Reward cmd for the winner. give %player% minecraft:diamond 20
rewardsecond Reward cmd for the second player. give %player% minecraft:diamond 15
rewardthirth Reward cmd for the third player. give %player% minecraft:diamond 10
rewardfourth Reward cmd for the fourth player. give %player% minecraft:diamond 5
rewardfifth Reward cmd for the fifth player. give %player% minecraft:diamond 3
rewardplaying Reward cmd for the all players that do the event and get above the minimum score and that aren't in the top 5. give %player% minecraft:diamond 1
minscorerewardplaying How many points players must have to get the rewardplaying reward. 10
rewardlevel Add reward for each level player will have. Format : amount;cmd. Empty

Lang configuration

You can edit messages in the lang.cfg file.

After saving, you can /pea reload to reload the language file.

If you want to put color in your messages, use color node §, for example: §aWell done!

Placeholder Description
{event} Replaced by capture/kill.
{pokemon} Name of the Pokémon.
{type} Type of the Pokémon.
{ball} Name of the ball.
{mtimeleft} Remaining minutes.
{stimeleft} Remaining seconds.
{player} Player's name.
{score} Score of the player.
{level} Each level player will exceed.