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PixelUpgrade is a sidemod for Pixelmon that adds an assortment of highly configurable commands. It is similar to Pixelmon Extras in general structure but adds different commands, many of which have extensive economy support.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version PixelUpgrade version
1.12.2 6.3.0+ 4.1.0
1.12.2 6.2.0-6.2.3 4.0.0 beta 1
1.12.2 6.0.0+ 3.0.0
1.10.2 5.0.4+ 2.0.0 beta 2

PixelUpgrade is meant to be run on a server, and cannot be used by clients. SpongeForge needs to be present in the same folder, as well as a Sponge economy plugin (EconomyLite is recommended) if you intend to use economy-integrated commands.

  1. Download PixelUpgrade for your version of Minecraft and Pixelmon.
  2. Place the downloaded .jar file in the mods folder, along with SpongeForge and an economy plugin of choice.
  3. Start the server and wait for it to load.
  4. Open the PixelUpgrade.conf file in the server's config folder, and edit to taste.
  5. Open the PixelUpgrade folder, and edit command-specific configs to taste.
  6. Use the /pureload all command to load any changes into PixelUpgrade.

Please note that the upgrade-related commands (listed below) will be disabled if no economy is present.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

Some arguments may not show up in-game or may be required instead of optional, depending on given permissions and configuration settings. The -c flag confirms a command, while the -f flag disables any safeguards. /spawndex has its own set of modifier flags, which you can scroll down to see.

If two commands are shown, the second is an alias that can be changed in the command-specific config files. Not all commands use aliases by default, but they all have an option for them, /pureload excepted.

Upgrade commands


  • /dittofusion or /fuse <target slot> <sacrifice slot> [-c]: Fuses two Ditto together to create one improved Ditto, for a configurable price and up to a config-defined limit depending on whether the Ditto is Shiny or not.


  • /upgradeivs or /upgrade <slot> <IV> [amount] [-c]: Upgrades an IV for economy money, up to a config-defined limit depending on the Pokémon's rarity (regular, Shiny, legendary or both legendary and Shiny).

Other player commands


  • /checkegg or /egg [target] <slot> [-c]: Shows a vague message hinting at what's inside an Egg, based on the configured IV percentage (85% by default) and whether the Pokémon is Shiny. Can alternatively be configured to explicitly reveal an Egg's IVs, nature, size and gender.


  • /checkstats or /cs [target] [slot] [-c]: Shows a party Pokémon's IVs, EVs (optional), gender, nature, size and number of upgrades/fusions (used in the upgrade commands, also optional). Also shows Mew cloning attempts.



  • /fixgenders [target] [-c]: Fixes Pokémon with genders that they cannot normally get. Experimental.


  • /pixelupgrade or /pu: Lists all of a player's permitted commands, along with short descriptions. Hides any commands the player does not have access to.


  • /resetevs <slot> [-c]: Resets all of a Pokémon's EVs to zero after confirmation.


  • /showstats or /show <slot> [-c]: Shows off a Pokémon's stats to the whole server, with optional cooldowns depending on permissions.


  • /switchgender or /bend <slot> [-c]: Transforms a Pokémon to the opposite gender, if it has one.


  • /timedhatch [target] [slot] [-c]: Hatches either a single Pokémon or the whole party, with optional cooldowns depending on permissions. Can optionally be set up to be usable on other people, too.


  • /timedheal [target] [slot] [-c]: Heals either a single Pokémon or the whole party, with optional cooldowns depending on permissions. Can optionally be set up to be usable on other people, too.

Staff commands


  • /forcehatch or /fhatch [target] <slot>: Immediately hatches an Egg. Can be used on another player.


  • /forcestats or /fstats [target] <slot> <stat> <value> [-f]: Can be used to increase a Pokémon's IVs, EVs, or other NBT stats beyond their usual limits. The -f flag can be used to pass potentially unsafe values.


  • /pureload <command | all>: Reloads one or all of the plugin's configs.


  • /resetcount <slot> <count> [-c]: Clears a specific Pokémon's upgrade/fusion counts, allowing them to upgrade/fuse further.


  • /spawndex<Pokémon name or number> [-b|-f|-o|-r|-s] [radius]: Spawns the desired Pokémon at your mouse cursor, customized to taste through flags.
    • Supported flags: -b to make the Pokémon pure black, -f to spawn with a fake legendary message (configurable), -o to spawn with an outline that's visible through walls, -r to spawn within a radius instead, -s to make it shiny.


Notifier nodes

These nodes are used to warn people with the correct permissions of important events.

  • pixelupgrade.notify.staff.showstats - warns for potentially cheated nickname lengths

Staff nodes

These nodes can be given to normal players, but should probably be staff-only as they can be dangerous.

  • pixelupgrade.command.staff.forcehatch
  • pixelupgrade.command.staff.forcestats
  • pixelupgrade.command.staff.reload - allows the use of /pureload
  • pixelupgrade.command.staff.resetcount - allows resetting upgrade/fusion counts
  • pixelupgrade.command.staff.spawndex
  • pixelupgrade.command.staff.fixgenders - allows using /fixgenders on others, can be used for all players but should probably be staff-only

Remote nodes

These nodes allow the matching commands to be used on remote players.

  • pixelupgrade.command.other.checkegg
  • pixelupgrade.command.other.checkstats
  • pixelupgrade.command.other.timedhatch - allows hatching another player's eggs, after which people get a cooldown applied as normal
  • pixelupgrade.command.other.timedheal - allows healing another player's Pokémon, after which people get a cooldown applied as normal

Bypass nodes

These nodes let players bypass command cooldowns.

  • pixelupgrade.command.bypass.showstats
  • pixelupgrade.command.bypass.timedhatch
  • pixelupgrade.command.bypass.timedheal

Alternate cooldown nodes

These nodes put players on an alternate cooldown, potentially good for VIP ranks. Set in the command configs.

  • pixelupgrade.command.altcooldown.showstats
  • pixelupgrade.command.altcooldown.timedhatch
  • pixelupgrade.command.altcooldown.timedheal

Other nodes

  • pixelupgrade.command.checkegg
  • pixelupgrade.command.checkstats
  • pixelupgrade.command.checktypes
  • pixelupgrade.command.dittofusion
  • pixelupgrade.command.fixgenders
  • pixelupgrade.command.resetevs
  • pixelupgrade.command.showstats - comes with the default cooldown unless altcooldown/bypass are given
  • pixelupgrade.command.switchgender
  • pixelupgrade.command.timedhatch - comes with the default cooldown unless altcooldown/bypass are given
  • pixelupgrade.command.timedheal - comes with the default cooldown unless altcooldown/bypass are given
  • pixelupgrade.command.upgradeivs

Version history

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