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Pixelmon Broadcasts

Warning: This sidemod is a work in progress, and may cause issues. Proceed with caution, and report any bugs.
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Pixelmon Broadcasts is a sidemod for Pixelmon that adds an assortment of configurable messages for tons of Pixelmon events, and also logs these events to console if set up to do so.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Pixelmon Broadcasts version
1.12.2 7.0.0 0.3
1.12.2 6.3.4 0.2.2

Pixelmon Broadcasts is meant to be run on a server. It may work on the client, but this is currently untested. SpongeForge is required.

  1. Download Pixelmon Broadcasts for your version of Minecraft and Pixelmon.
  2. Place the downloaded .jar file in the mods folder, along with SpongeForge.
  3. Start the server and wait for it to load.
  4. Open the configuration files in the server's config/PixelmonBroadcasts folder, and edit to taste.
  5. Use the /pixelmonbroadcasts reload command to load any changes into Pixelmon Broadcasts.
  6. Add the permissions for the broadcasts and commands you want people to have access to to LuckPerms.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

  • /pixelmonbroadcasts or /pbroadcasts: Shows subcommands that the player has access to. Clickable.
    • toggle: Opens a window with clickable toggles for all available broadcasts, based on permissions.
    • reload: Reloads all config settings, messages and broadcasts.


Command nodes

These nodes will give players access to specific subcommands.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.command.toggle - grants access to the per-player broadcast toggle menu
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.command.staff.reload - allows the use of /pixelmonbroadcasts reload, should be staff-only

Notifier nodes

These nodes will allow players to see the matching broadcasts, and will allow them to toggle said broadcasts for themselves if the toggle permission was also given.

Blackout nodes

Shown when a player's party is wiped out by an opponent of the given type. Works well with the SafePlace sidemod.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.normal
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.shiny
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.shinylegendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.legendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.boss
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.trainer
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.blackout.bosstrainer

Catch nodes

Shown when a Pokémon of the given type is caught.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.catch.normal
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.catch.shiny
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.catch.shinylegendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.catch.legendary

Challenge nodes

Shown when a player starts fighting an opponent of the given type.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.shiny
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.shinylegendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.legendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.boss
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.trainer
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.bosstrainer
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.challenge.pvp

Forfeit nodes

Shown when a player forfeits a battle with an opponent of the given type.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.forfeit.shiny
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.forfeit.shinylegendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.forfeit.legendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.forfeit.boss
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.forfeit.trainer
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.forfeit.bosstrainer

Spawn nodes

Shown when an entity of the given type spawns in the world.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.spawn.shiny
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.spawn.shinylegendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.spawn.legendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.spawn.boss

Victory nodes

Shown when a player defeats an opponent of the given type.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.shiny
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.shinylegendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.legendary
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.boss
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.trainer
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.bosstrainer
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.victory.pvp

Draw nodes

Shown when a battle of the given type ends in a draw.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.pvp.draw

Hatch nodes

Shown when an egg of the given type hatches.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.hatch.normal
  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.hatch.shiny

Trade nodes

Shown when a trade completes. Currently does not do anything special for shiny Pokémon.

  • pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.trade.normal

Version history

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