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Pixelmon TCG/Blank Cards

Blank cards are items in Pixelmon TCG that are used to make trading cards.

Energy essence

Energy essence is obtained by knocking out wild Pokémon. It drops into the world similar to experience orbs. Energy essence can be obtained in each of the types found in the TCG. Essence can be dropped in values of 1, 5, 20 and 50, getting progressively larger to represent this value. The TCG type of essence dropped by a Pokémon is based off of the Pokémon's regular type. The number of essence which a Pokémon drops increases as the level of the knocked-out Pokémon increases. The chance to get higher-valued essence is also determined by the level of the knocked-out Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon are considered to have five times their level when calculating essence drops, and hence will drop much more essence when knocked out.


TCG crafting menu

To spend energy essence, a supply of paper must be available. The default key to open the TCG crafting menu is 'N'. Both a card rarity and a TCG type have to be selected in order to craft. When one of both are chosen, the essence and paper cost of the respective blank will be displayed, as well as how much essence and paper the user has. If the player meets the requirements, the craft button will activate, allowing the blank shown to be crafted.


Blank cards can be printed on using a printer and Pokémon photo. The card produced depends on the rarity and type of the blank and the photo used. If an invalid combination of blank and photo is used, the items will still be consumed, but will produce no card. Type and rarity combinations can be found by looking up card lists for the currently implemented sets, or by viewing the Card Compendium in-game. Printing with no photo will always make an Energy card of the respective blank type. Printing with a Shiny photo will result in a holographic card.