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Version history/Pixelmon launcher

This is a list of versions of the Pixelmon launcher, along with the changes that each version made.

Version 2.1.8-beta (upcoming)

  • Added support for release tag in news.
  • Fixed duplicated Pixelmon error.
  • Fixed thumbnails of YouTube videos.

Version 2.1.7-beta

  • Pixelmon jar will not be copied to every profile folder to save disk space and reduce installation time (not applied to existing profiles until any update is made to the profiles).
  • Fixed issue downloading Pixelmon.

Version 2.1.6-beta

  • Fixed issue downloading Minecraft avatars.
  • Fixed issue downloading some libraries.

Version 2.1.5-beta

  • Fixed issue downloading some libraries.

Version 2.1.4-beta

  • Fixed issue where no button is showed when there is no profile.

Version 2.1.3-beta

Version 2.1.2-beta

  • Fixed crash when creating new profiles.

Version 2.1.1-beta

  • Download speed shows when hovering over the progress bar.
  • Cached Minecraft jar instead of downloading for every new profile.
  • Supported using multiple patches for updates to new Pixelmon versions.
  • Improved Spanish, Danish and German translation (thanks ToklaX, jensz12 and Zetrim)
  • User login refreshes after at least 30 minutes instead of every time a profile is launched.
  • Choose Pixpack variant dialog shows variant names instead of latest version number.

Version 2.1.0-beta

  • Improved the stability of the Pixelmon jar download.
  • Added support for patching the Pixelmon jar from existing versions.
  • Improved YouTube and Twitch rendering in the news section.
  • Moved Pixpack update notification to the bottom status bar.

Version 2.0.25-beta

  • Fixed crashes when downloading server resource packs.
  • Fixed crashes with Twitch stream on news.
  • Improved recommended version detection of Pixpacks.
  • Improved news parser with URL detection.
  • Utilized more space for news and Pixpacks.

Version 2.0.23-beta

  • Fixed bug playing Pixelmon 5.0.0-beta.
  • Beta version no longer jumps to other groups.

Version 2.0.22-beta

  • Allowed moving .pixelmon-beta to any location.
  • Significantly reduced loading time of Pixpack list.
  • Improved error dialog about memory requirements.
  • Improved news rendering.

Version 2.0.20-beta

  • Fixed missing Minecraft sounds.

Version 2.0.19-beta

  • More Danish translation.
  • Fixed crashes when trying to play beta Pixelmon.
  • Fixed crashes when clicking More Info in sidemod list.

Version 2.0.18-beta

  • Improved Pixpack update check.
  • Fixed some crashes when updating Pixpacks.

Version 2.0.17-beta

  • Improved library downloading.
  • Better support for version variants in Pixpacks.
  • Support custom background in Pixpacks.
  • Allowed Pixpack installation to ignore existing files.
  • Added Danish flag and more translation.

Version 2.0.16-beta

  • Fixed downloading new Forge version.

Version 2.0.15-beta

  • Added warning message when memory settings are lower than recommended.
  • Fixed library downloading issue.

Version 2.0.14-beta

  • The launcher now uses .NET framework 4.6.
  • The sidemod list shows latest compatible version number for each sidemod.
  • Pixpack updates prompt for downloading as expected.
  • Fixed white text box in error reporting dialog.
  • Fixed crashes when the task bar is not accessible.

Version 2.0.13-beta

  • Added a new dialog to pick Pixelmon version.
  • Allowed quickly changing music volume when hovering over the sound button.
  • Allowed participating in beta testing of Pixelmon and sidemods.
  • Fixed unnecessary asking for downloading.
  • Fixed music volume.
  • Fixed language setting not saved correctly.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Version 2.0.12-beta

  • Pixpack list is now loading in pages.
  • Update notification when new Pixpack version is available.
  • Removed some .gif loading images to improve performance.
  • Improved news rendering with fancy Twitch tag.
  • Improved layout when profile name or Pixpack version is too long.

Version 2.0.11-beta

First open beta release for Launcher v2.

  • Brand-new Pixpack section with the ability to browse and install Pixpacks directly in the launcher.
  • Allowed re-ordering profiles.
  • More beautiful rendering for news article.
  • Folders for profiles are no longer named after profile names, which allows more flexible profile names.
  • Lots of UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.1.58

  • Fixed library downloading issue.

Version 1.1.57

  • Improved news parsing.
  • Detailed error messages for more crashes.
  • Small fix for automatic update checking.

Version 1.1.56

  • Fixed crashes when the launcher cannot parse news articles.
  • Fixed problem downloading profiles for Pixelmon versions with Forge 1.8.9.

Version 1.1.55

  • Allowed adding several Pixelmon servers automatically.
  • Added buttons to share news to Facebook and Twitter.

Version 1.1.54

  • Added Christmas theme.
  • Added compatibility with new Pixpack themes.
  • Improved retry logic when downloading libraries.
  • Improved performance when navigating between pages.
  • Fixed crashes caused by erroneous Forge cache.

Version 1.1.53

  • Fixed crash when opening .pixpack files with the launcher already running.

Version 1.1.52

  • Added Danish translation.
  • Improved news parsing.
  • Fixed crashes when the audio library is corrupted.
  • Fixed crashes when the Pixelmon installation is missing.

Version 1.1.50

  • Fixed crashes when a prerelease Forge version is used.
  • Fixed incorrect max memory setting when the launcher is run for the first time.

Version 1.1.49

  • Fixed crashes after the last profile is deleted.
  • Fixed incompatibility with recent Forge installer.
  • Fixed crashes after Java is updated.

Version 1.1.48

  • Added warning sign and message for incompatible sidemods.
  • Added helpful message for common crashes
  • Other improvements for error reporting.
  • Fixed crashes due to corrupted profile cache.

Version 1.1.45

  • Fixed crashes due to unexpected JVM arguments.

Version 1.1.43

  • Fixed a couple of crashes at start-up when settings or profile information were corrupted.

Version 1.1.42

  • Players can report launcher & Pixelmon crashes directly from the launcher.
  • Corrupted styles in Pixpacks & corrupted settings no longer crash the launcher.
  • Launcher can be used offline again.

Version 1.1.35

  • Sidemods can be added and downloaded through the launcher.
    • Detects which version of Minecraft and only shows available sidemods.
    • Experimental mode allows access to beta versions of sidemods.
  • Added French translation.
  • If the Minecraft launcher is installed, the Pixelmon launcher will now check its Java installation for use before the system path/registry.
  • News parser now handles a few more tags.
  • Added some basic metric reporting for stats.
  • Improved Pixelmon config support.
  • Fixed rare issue in copying Pixelmon to profile directory.
  • Forge selection properly updates when Pixelmon version is changed.

Version 1.1.31

  • Russian and German translations.
  • Improved memory adjustment settings.
  • Fixed installer not working on some older 32-bit Windows systems.

Version 1.1.27

  • Translations.
  • Auto-downloading of Pixelmon and Forge (select versions).
  • Offline mode.
  • Auto-detection of system memory for Java arguments.
  • Auto-updating launcher.
  • Pixelmon config editor.
  • New banner.
  • Experimental mode (allows non-verified Forge versions).
  • Launcher can be repositioned from any window.
  • Numerous speed improvements.
  • Launcher version now shown in settings.
  • Heaps of file-lock fixes.
  • Missing libraries error fixed.