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Pixpack API

Pixpack details page

This page is under construction until the Pixpack API is out of closed beta.


  1. Pixpacks can be listed directly in the Pixelmon launcher.
  2. Profiles can automatically be updated to the latest Pixpack version to always be in sync with server updates.
  3. Pixpacks can be managed on any browser.
  4. Multiple admins and contributors are supported by the Pixpack API.
  5. Data on Pixpack downloads and plays is tracked and accessible by the Pixpack creator.

Difference from .pixpack files

  1. The Pixpack API is a PHP application that is hosted by the Pixpack creator.
  2. Pixpacks in the Pixpack API are distributed directly via the launcher, while .pixpack files need to be distributed manually; there is no way to put .pixpack files into the Pixpack section in the launcher.
  3. Pixpacks in the Pixpack API need to be reviewed and approved by the Pixelmon team.

Getting Started

  1. Join the #pixpack-api channel on the Pixelmon Discord to request access and ask for guidance.