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Pokémon spec

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A Pokémon spec is a collection of arguments designed to form a description of a Pokémon. These are used in Pixelmon's /pokegive and /pokespawn commands to define different aspects of Pokémon, and in Pixelmon sidemod commands as a complete summary or as a filter. Pokémon specs are composed of a series of order-less keys, keys and arguments, or only arguments, depending on the characteristic. The existing keys and arguments are below.

Key Argument
None Pokémon species name
level|lvl The level of the Pokémon
gender|g male|female
shiny|s None (Pokémon is Shiny)
!shiny|!s None (Pokémon is specifically not Shiny)
growth|gr The growth of the Pokémon
nature|n The Nature of the Pokémon
ability|ab The Ability of the Pokémon (case sensitive, no spaces; e.g., SwiftSwim)
boss|b The boss mode of the Pokémon
form|f The form index of the Pokémon
ball|ba The caught Poké Ball of the Pokémon
pokerus|pkrs The Pokémon's strain of Pokérus, a-d (with d being longest, 4 days)
cured None (Pokémon has the "Pokérus cured" status, currently requires that the 'pokerus' key be set).

These are generally used in the form <code>key[:argument], with the exception of the Pokémon species.


  • In the /pokespawn command, using /pokespawn lvl:50 Kingdra ab:SwiftSwim n:modest gr:enormous s b:Uncommon would spawn an enormous, Shiny, uncommon boss Kingdra at level 50, with the Swift Swim Ability and a Modest Nature.
  • In the /pokegive command, using /pokegive <player> Burmy f:1 ba:masterball !s g:m pkrs:d would give a male Burmy of form index 1 (Sandy Cloak) that is not Shiny and is in a Master Ball, infected with a four-day strain of Pokérus.
  • In the /pokedel command in Pixelmon Extras, using /pokedel <player> pc s would remove all Shiny Pokémon from a player's PC.