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Rock Smash (external move)

Rock Smash.png

Rock Smash is an external move that can be used by Pokémon that know the move Rock Smash. In Survival or Creative mode, using Rock Smash causes the block that the player is looking at to be mined if it is a stone-based block, dropping the item(s) that would be dropped if the block was mined with a pickaxe with a Fortune II enchantment. In Adventure mode, the destroyed block will return after 7 seconds and not drop any item. Rock Smash cannot be used on Fossil.

After using Rock Smash, there is a 20% chance that a Pokémon will spawn and battle the player. The Pokémon can be any of the following:

All of these Pokémon have an equal chance of spawning after using Rock Smash.

Rock Smash's cooldown timer depends on the user's Speed stat, with a range of 39.8-20.3 seconds depending on the formula, 40-Speed.