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Shopkeeper/Sell prices

This is a list of all items that can be sold to shopkeepers, along with the amounts of PokéDollars that the player will receive from the sale.

Item Sell Price
Grid Poké Ball.pngPoké Ball 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Great Ball.pngGreat Ball 300PokeDollar.png
Grid Ultra Ball.pngUltra Ball 600PokeDollar.png
Grid Cherish Ball.pngCherish Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Dive Ball.pngDive Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Dusk Ball.pngDusk Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Fast Ball.pngFast Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Friend Ball.pngFriend Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Heal Ball.pngHeal Ball 150PokeDollar.png
Grid Heavy Ball.pngHeavy Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Level Ball.pngLevel Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Love Ball.pngLove Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Lure Ball.pngLure Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Luxury Ball.pngLuxury Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Moon Ball.pngMoon Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Nest Ball.pngNest Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Net Ball.pngNet Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Premier Ball.pngPremier Ball 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Quick Ball.pngQuick Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Repeat Ball.pngRepeat Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Safari Ball.pngSafari Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Sport Ball.pngSport Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Timer Ball.pngTimer Ball 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Rare Candy.pngRare Candy 2,400PokeDollar.png
Grid Potion.pngPotion 150PokeDollar.png
Grid Super Potion.pngSuper Potion 350PokeDollar.png
Grid Hyper Potion.pngHyper Potion 600PokeDollar.png
Grid Max Potion New.pngMax Potion 1,250PokeDollar.png
Grid Full Restore.pngFull Restore 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Fresh Water.pngFresh Water 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Soda Pop.pngSoda Pop 150PokeDollar.png
Grid Lemonade.pngLemonade 175PokeDollar.png
Grid Moomoo Milk.pngMoomoo Milk 250PokeDollar.png
Grid Revive.pngRevive 750PokeDollar.png
Grid Max Revive.pngMax Revive 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Ether.pngEther 600PokeDollar.png
Grid Max Ether.pngMax Ether 1,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Elixir.pngElixir 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Max Elixir.pngMax Elixir 2,250PokeDollar.png
Grid Antidote New.pngAntidote 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Paralyze Heal.pngParalyze Heal 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Awakening New.pngAwakening 125PokeDollar.png
Grid Burn Heal.pngBurn Heal 125PokeDollar.png
Grid Ice Heal.pngIce Heal 125PokeDollar.png
Grid Full Heal.pngFull Heal 300PokeDollar.png
Grid HP Up.pngHP Up 4,900PokeDollar.png
Grid Protein.pngProtein 4,900PokeDollar.png
Grid Iron.pngIron 4,900PokeDollar.png
Grid Calcium.pngCalcium 4,900PokeDollar.png
Grid Zinc.pngZinc 4,900PokeDollar.png
Grid Carbos.pngCarbos 4,900PokeDollar.png
Grid Cheri Berry.pngCheri Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Chesto Berry.pngChesto Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Pecha Berry.pngPecha Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Rawst Berry New.pngRawst Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Aspear Berry.pngAspear Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Leppa Berry New.pngLeppa Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Persim Berry.pngPersim Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Oran Berry.pngOran Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Lum Berry.pngLum Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Sitrus Berry.pngSitrus Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Figy Berry.pngFigy Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Wiki Berry.pngWiki Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Mago Berry.pngMago Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Aguav Berry.pngAguav Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Iapapa Berry.pngIapapa Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Pomeg Berry.pngPomeg Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Kelpsy Berry.pngKelpsy Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Qualot Berry.pngQualot Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Hondew Berry.pngHondew Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Grepa Berry.pngGrepa Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Tamato Berry.pngTamato Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Occa Berry.pngOcca Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Passho Berry.pngPassho Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Wacan Berry.pngWacan Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Rindo Berry.pngRindo Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Yache Berry.pngYache Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Chople Berry.pngChople Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Kebia Berry.pngKebia Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Shuca Berry.pngShuca Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Coba Berry.pngCoba Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Payapa Berry.pngPayapa Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Tanga Berry.pngTanga Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Charti Berry.pngCharti Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Kasib Berry.pngKasib Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Haban Berry.pngHaban Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Colbur Berry.pngColbur Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Babiri Berry.pngBabiri Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Chilan Berry.pngChilan Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Liechi Berry.pngLiechi Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Ganlon Berry.pngGanlon Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Salac Berry.pngSalac Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Petaya Berry.pngPetaya Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Apicot Berry.pngApicot Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Lansat Berry.pngLansat Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Starf Berry.pngStarf Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Enigma Berry.pngEnigma Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Pumkin Berry.pngPumkin Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Drash Berry.pngDrash Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Eggant Berry.pngEggant Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Ginema Berry.pngGinema Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Yago Berry.pngYago Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Touga Berry.pngTouga Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Custap Berry.pngCustap Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Micle Berry.pngMicle Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Jaboca Berry.pngJaboca Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Rowap Berry.pngRowap Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Roseli Berry.pngRoseli Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Kee Berry.pngKee Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Maranga Berry.pngMaranga Berry 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Berry Juice.pngBerry Juice 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Heal Powder.pngHeal Powder 225PokeDollar.png
Grid Energy Powder.pngEnergy Powder 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Energy Root.pngEnergy Root 400PokeDollar.png
Grid Revival Herb.pngRevival Herb 1400PokeDollar.png
Grid Black Apricorn.pngBlack Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Blue Apricorn.pngBlue Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Green Apricorn.pngGreen Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Pink Apricorn.pngPink Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Red Apricorn.pngRed Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid White Apricorn.pngWhite Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Yellow Apricorn.pngYellow Apricorn 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Helix Fossil.pngHelix Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Dome Fossil.pngDome Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Old Amber.pngOld Amber 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Root Fossil.pngRoot Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Claw Fossil.pngClaw Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Skull Fossil.pngSkull Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Armor Fossil.pngArmor Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Cover Fossil.pngCover Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Plume Fossil.pngPlume Fossil 2,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Covered Fossil.pngCovered Fossil 1,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Dawn Stone.pngDawn Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Dusk Stone.pngDusk Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Fire Stone.pngFire Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Leaf Stone.pngLeaf Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Moon Stone.pngMoon Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Sun Stone.pngSun Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Thunder Stone.pngThunder Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Water Stone.pngWater Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Absorb Bulb.pngAbsorb Bulb 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Air Balloon.pngAir Balloon 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Assault Vest.pngAssault Vest 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Big Root.pngBig Root 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Binding Band.pngBinding Band 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Black Sludge.pngBlack Sludge 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Bright Powder.pngBright Powder 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Cell Battery.pngCell Battery 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Choice Band.pngChoice Band 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Choice Scarf.pngChoice Scarf 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Damp Rock.pngDamp Rock 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Deep Sea Scale.pngDeep Sea Scale 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Deep Sea Tooth.pngDeep Sea Tooth 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Destiny Knot.pngDestiny Knot 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Dragon Scale.pngDragon Scale 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Dubious Disc New.pngDubious Disc 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Eject Button.pngEject Button 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Electirizer New.pngElectirizer 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Everstone.pngEverstone 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Eviolite.pngEviolite 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Exp. Share New.pngExp. Share 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Expert Belt.pngExpert Belt 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Flame Orb.pngFlame Orb 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Float Stone.pngFloat Stone 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Focus Band.pngFocus Band 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Focus Sash.pngFocus Sash 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Grip Claw.pngGrip Claw 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Heat Rock.pngHeat Rock 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Icy Rock.pngIcy Rock 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Iron Ball.pngIron Ball 100PokeDollar.png
Grid King's Rock New.pngKing's Rock 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Lagging Tail.pngLagging Tail 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Leftovers.pngLeftovers 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Life Orb.pngLife Orb 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Light Ball.pngLight Ball 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Light Clay.pngLight Clay 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Lucky Egg.pngLucky Egg 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Lucky Punch.pngLucky Punch 5PokeDollar.png
Grid Luminous Moss.pngLuminous Moss 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Macho Brace New.pngMacho Brace 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Magmarizer New.pngMagmarizer 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Mental Herb.pngMental Herb 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Metal Powder.pngMetal Powder 5PokeDollar.png
Grid Metronome.pngMetronome 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Oval Stone.pngOval Stone 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Anklet.pngPower Anklet 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Band.pngPower Band 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Belt.pngPower Belt 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Bracer.pngPower Bracer 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Herb.pngPower Herb 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Lens.pngPower Lens 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Power Weight.pngPower Weight 1,500PokeDollar.png
Grid Prism Scale.pngPrism Scale 250PokeDollar.png
Grid Protector New.pngProtector 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Quick Claw.pngQuick Claw 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Quick Powder.pngQuick Powder 5PokeDollar.png
Grid Razor Claw.pngRazor Claw 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Razor Fang New.pngRazor Fang 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Reaper Cloth.pngReaper Cloth 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Red Card.pngRed Card 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Ring Target.pngRing Target 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Safety Goggles.pngSafety Goggles 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Scope Lens.pngScope Lens 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Shed Shell.pngShed Shell 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Shell Bell.pngShell Bell 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Smoke Ball New.pngSmoke Ball 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Smooth Rock.pngSmooth Rock 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Snowball.pngSnowball 1PokeDollar.png
Grid Soothe Bell.pngSoothe Bell 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Soul Dew.pngSoul Dew 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Stick.pngStick 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Sticky Barb.pngSticky Barb 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Thick Club.pngThick Club 250PokeDollar.png
Grid Toxic Orb.pngToxic Orb 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Up-Grade New.pngUp-Grade 1,050PokeDollar.png
Grid Weakness Policy.pngWeakness Policy 500PokeDollar.png
Grid White Herb.pngWhite Herb 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Wide Lens New.pngWide Lens 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Wise Glasses.pngWise Glasses 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Zoom Lens.pngZoom Lens 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Full Incense.pngFull Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Lax Incense.pngLax Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Luck Incense.pngLuck Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Odd Incense.pngOdd Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Pure Incense.pngPure Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Rock Incense.pngRock Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Rose Incense.pngRose Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Sea Incense.pngSea Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Wave Incense.pngWave Incense 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Bug Gem.pngBug Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Dark Gem.pngDark Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Dragon Gem.pngDragon Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Electric Gem.pngElectric Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Fairy Gem.pngFairy Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Fighting Gem.pngFighting Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Fire Gem.pngFire Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Flying Gem.pngFlying Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Ghost Gem.pngGhost Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Grass Gem.pngGrass Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Ground Gem.pngGround Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Ice Gem.pngIce Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Normal Gem.pngNormal Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Poison Gem.pngPoison Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Psychic Gem.pngPsychic Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Rock Gem.pngRock Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Steel Gem.pngSteel Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Water Gem.pngWater Gem 100PokeDollar.png
Grid Black Belt.pngBlack Belt 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Black Glasses.pngBlack Glasses 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Charcoal.pngCharcoal 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Dragon Fang.pngDragon Fang 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Hard Stone.pngHard Stone 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Magnet.pngMagnet 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Metal Coat New.pngMetal Coat 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Miracle Seed.pngMiracle Seed 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Mystic Water.pngMystic Water 10PokeDollar.png
Grid Never-Melt Ice.pngNever-Melt Ice 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Pixie Plate.pngPixie Plate 500PokeDollar.png
Grid Poison Barb.pngPoison Barb 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Sharp Beak.pngSharp Beak 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Silk Scarf.pngSilk Scarf 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Silver Powder.pngSilver Powder 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Soft Sand.pngSoft Sand 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Spell Tag.pngSpell Tag 50PokeDollar.png
Grid Twisted Spoon.pngTwisted Spoon 50PokeDollar.png
Grid X Attack.pngX Attack 250PokeDollar.png
Grid X Defense.pngX Defense 275PokeDollar.png
Grid X Sp. Atk.pngX Sp. Atk 175PokeDollar.png
Grid X Sp. Def.pngX Sp. Def 175PokeDollar.png
Grid X Speed.pngX Speed 175PokeDollar.png
Grid X Accuracy.pngX Accuracy 475PokeDollar.png
Grid Dire Hit.pngDire Hit 375PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM01: Hone Claws 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM02: Dragon Claw 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM03: Psyshock 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM04: Calm Mind 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM05: Roar 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM06: Toxic 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM07: Hail 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM08: Bulk Up 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM09: Venoshock 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM10: Hidden Power 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM11: Sunny Day 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM12: Taunt 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM13: Ice Beam 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM14: Blizzard 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM15: Hyper Beam 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM16: Light Screen 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM17: Protect 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM18: Rain Dance 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM19: Telekinesis 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM20: Safeguard 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM21: Frustration 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM22: Solar Beam 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM23: Smack Down 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM24: Thunderbolt 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM25: Thunder 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM26: Earthquake 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM27: Return 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM28: Dig 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM29: Psychic 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM30: Shadow Ball 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM31: Brick Break 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM32: Double Team 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM33: Reflect 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM34: Sludge Wave 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM35: Flamethrower 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM36: Sludge Bomb 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM37: Sandstorm 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM38: Fire Blast 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM39: Rock Tomb 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM40: Aerial Ace 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM41: Torment 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM42: Facade 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM43: Flame Charge 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM44: Rest 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM45: Attract 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM46: Thief 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM47: Low Sweep 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM48: Round 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM49: Echoed Voice 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM50: Overheat 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM51: Ally Switch 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM52: Focus Blast 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM53: Energy Ball 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM54: False Swipe 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM55: Scald 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM56: Fling 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM57: Charge Beam 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM58: Sky Drop 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM59: Incinerate 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM60: Quash 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM61: Will-O-Wisp 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM62: Acrobatics 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM63: Embargo 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM64: Explosion 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM65: Shadow Claw 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM66: Payback 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM67: Retaliate 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM68: Giga Impact 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM69: Rock Polish 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM70: Flash 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM71: Stone Edge 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM72: Volt Switch 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM73: Thunder Wave 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM74: Gyro Ball 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM75: Swords Dance 7,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM76: Struggle Bug 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM77: Psych Up 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM78: Bulldoze 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM79: Frost Breath 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM80: Rock Slide 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM81: X-Scissor 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM82: Dragon Tail 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM83: Work Up 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Poison Sprite.pngTM84: Poison Jab 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM85: Dream Eater 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM86: Grass Knot 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM87: Swagger 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM88: Pluck 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM89: U-Turn 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM90: Substitute 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM91: Flash Cannon 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM92: Trick Room 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM93: Wild Charge 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM94: Rock Smash 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM95: Snarl 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM96: Mega Punch 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM97: Razor Wind 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM98: Whirlwind 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM99: Mega Kick 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM100: Horn Drill 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM101: Body Slam 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM102: Take Down 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM103: Double-Edge 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM104: Bubble Beam 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM105: Water Gun 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM106: Pay Day 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM107: Submission 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM108: Counter 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM109: Seismic Toss 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM110: Rage 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM111: Mega Drain 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM112: Dragon Rage 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM113: Fissure 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM114: Teleport 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM115: Mimic 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM116: Bide 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM117: Metronome 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM118: Self-Destruct 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM119: Egg Bomb 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM120: Swift 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM121: Skull Bash 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM122: Soft-Boiled 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM123: Sky Attack 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM124: Psywave 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM125: Tri Attack 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM126: Dynamic Punch 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM127: Headbutt 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM128: Curse 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM129: Rollout 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM130: Zap Cannon 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM131: Sweet Scent 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM132: Snore 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM133: Icy Wind 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM134: Giga Drain 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM135: Endure 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM136: Iron Tail 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM137: Dragon Breath 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ground Sprite.pngTM138: Mud-Slap 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM139: Ice Punch 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM140: Sleep Talk 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM141: Defense Curl 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM142: Thunder Punch 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM143: Detect 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Steel Sprite.pngTM144: Steel Wing 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fire Sprite.pngTM145: Fire Punch 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM146: Fury Cutter 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ghost Sprite.pngTM147: Nightmare 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM148: Focus Punch 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM149: Water Pulse 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Grass Sprite.pngTM150: Bullet Seed 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Electric Sprite.pngTM151: Shock Wave 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM152: Secret Power 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Psychic Sprite.pngTM153: Skill Swap 2,500PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM154: Snatch 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngTM155: Roost 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngTM156: Brine 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dragon Sprite.pngTM157: Dragon Pulse 5,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM158: Drain Punch 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM159: Silver Wind 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM160: Recycle 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Ice Sprite.pngTM161: Avalanche 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Rock Sprite.pngTM162: Stealth Rock 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM163: Captivate 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Dark Sprite.pngTM164: Dark Pulse 6,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM165: Natural Gift 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Bug Sprite.pngTM166: Infestation 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM167: Nature Power 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngTM168: Power-Up Punch 3,750PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fairy Sprite New.pngTM169: Dazzling Gleam 6,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngTM170: Confide 1,250PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngHM01: Cut 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngHM02: Fly 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM03: Surf 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngHM04: Strength 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Flying Sprite.pngHM05: Defog 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Fighting Sprite.pngHM06: Rock Smash 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM07: Waterfall 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Normal Sprite.pngHM08: Rock Climb 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM09: Whirlpool 8,000PokeDollar.png
Bag TM Water Sprite.pngHM10: Dive 8,000PokeDollar.png
Grid Air Mail.pngAir Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Bloom Mail.pngBloom Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Brick Mail.pngBrick Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid BridgeMail D.pngBridgeMail D 25PokeDollar.png
Grid BridgeMail M.pngBridgeMail M 25PokeDollar.png
Grid BridgeMail S.pngBridgeMail S 25PokeDollar.png
Grid BridgeMail V.pngBridgeMail V 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Bubble Mail.pngBubble Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Dream Mail.pngDream Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Fab Mail.pngFab Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Favored Mail.pngFavored Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Flame Mail.pngFlame Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Glitter Mail.pngGlitter Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Grass Mail.pngGrass Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Greet Mail.pngGreet Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Heart Mail.pngHeart Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Inquiry Mail.pngInquiry Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Like Mail.pngLike Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Mech Mail.pngMech Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Mosaic Mail.pngMosaic Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Orange Mail.pngOrange Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Reply Mail.pngReply Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Retro Mail.pngRetro Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid RSVP Mail.pngRSVP Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Snow Mail.pngSnow Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Space Mail.pngSpace Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Steel Mail.pngSteel Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Thanks Mail.pngThanks Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Wave Mail.pngWave Mail 25PokeDollar.png
Grid Wood Mail.pngWood Mail 25PokeDollar.png