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Special textures

Several Pokémon have unique textures only available to them, in addition to their normal and Shiny textures. These textures are obtained through special methods.

Once applied, special textures cannot be removed except with a Pokémon editor.

Halloween starter Pokémon evolutions

The final evolutions of starter Pokémon (except for Greninja) are able to take on Halloween-themed appearances. In order to obtain one of these special textures, several conditions must first be met.

If all of these conditions are true, using a jack o'lantern on the Pokémon will convert it into its Halloween special texture.

The Spectral Jeweller (Haunter)

If a player earns the Spectral Jeweller special texture in an event held by the Pixelmon team, the /redeem command can apply a special texture to an owned Haunter to take on the appearance of the Spectral Jeweller. Currently, this special texture is occasionally distributed from giveaways on the official Pixelmon Discord,

Roasted Magikarp/Zombie Gyarados

When a Magikarp is struck by lightning, it will turn into a roasted Magikarp. If a roasted Magikarp is then evolved, the resulting Gyarados will be a zombie Gyarados.

A regular Gyarados cannot be turned into zombie Gyarados directly, even when struck by lightning.

XD001 (Shadow Lugia)

If earned via a giveaway on the official Pixelmon Discord, the /redeem command can change an owned Lugia to look like XD001, the Shadow Lugia from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.