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Grid Chisel.png

A chisel is an item that creates Pokémon statues and allows them to be customized. These statues are immobile and cannot be interacted with, making them completely cosmetic. Statues can be removed by left-clicking them with a chisel. Chisels can only be obtained by spawning them in.

Options for statue customization include:

  • Pokémon species
  • Growth
  • Texture (normal, Shiny, special, stone, gold, silver, bronze, green boss, blue boss, red boss, yellow boss)
  • Label (text above statue)

Depending on the Pokémon represented by the statue, the following options may also be available. Only certain Pokémon allow access to these options.

  • Model (standing/flying)
  • Animation (idle/walking/flying)
  • Animation frame