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Once both Pokémon are satisfied with their environment, they will automatically begin to accumulate affection for each other. The progress of their affection can be roughly gauged by the color of the hearts that emanate from the Pokémon, with red hearts being required to produce Eggs.

Level Heart color
0 No hearts
1 Gray Heart.pngGray
2 Purple Heart.pngPurple
3 Blue Heart.pngBlue
4 Yellow Heart.pngYellow
5 Red Heart.pngRed

The more suitable blocks there are in the ranch block's range, the faster the Pokémon will accumulate affection for each other. A general indicator of how suitable the environment is to the Pokémon can be displayed by interacting with the Pokémon. The possible text can be displayed is listed below.

Text Meaning Duration of breeding process Duration per breeding level
"Pokémon 1 has no one to fall in love with!" There is only one Pokémon in the ranch block. N/A N/A
"Pokémon 1 doesn't get along well with anyone here!" There are no other Pokémon in the ranch block that this Pokémon can breed with. N/A N/A
"Pokémon 1 has a crush on Pokémon 2, but doesn't feel comfortable in this environment!" Unsuitable environment. Pokémon already in love will start losing love for each other. N/A -30 minutes (loses affection)
"Pokemon 1 likes Pokémon 2 a tiny bit more every day!" Suitable environment 2 hours, 30 minutes 30 minutes
"Pokémon 1 is more attracted to Pokémon 2 every day!" Suitable environment 1 hour, 15 minutes 15 minutes
"Pokémon 1's love for Pokémon 2 grows rapidly every day!" Suitable environment 50 minutes 10 minutes
"Pokémon 1 falls madly in love with Pokémon 2 every single day!" Suitable environment 37½ minutes 7½ minutes
"Pokémon 1 loves Pokémon 2 as much as possible!" The two Pokémon have produced an Egg in the ranch block. N/A N/A
A ranch block with an Egg inside of it

It is also possible to immediately advance Pokémon by a breeding level by using Isi's Silver Hourglass or Isi's Golden Hourglass, obtainable from special drops. The breeding process will continue even if the chunk is unloaded.