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Undiscovered is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. Pokémon in this Egg Group cannot breed at all. These Pokémon are also guaranteed to spawn with at least three IVs at their maximum values (31).


Pokémon Egg Groups
Nidorina Undiscovered
Nidoqueen Undiscovered
Articuno Undiscovered
Zapdos Undiscovered
Moltres Undiscovered
Mewtwo Undiscovered
Mew Undiscovered
Pichu Undiscovered
Cleffa Undiscovered
Igglybuff Undiscovered
Togepi Undiscovered
Unown Undiscovered
Tyrogue Undiscovered
Smoochum Undiscovered
Elekid Undiscovered
Magby Undiscovered
Raikou Undiscovered
Entei Undiscovered
Suicune Undiscovered
Lugia Undiscovered
Ho-Oh Undiscovered
Celebi Undiscovered
Azurill Undiscovered
Wynaut Undiscovered
Regirock Undiscovered
Regice Undiscovered
Registeel Undiscovered
Latias Undiscovered
Latios Undiscovered
Kyogre Undiscovered
Groudon Undiscovered
Rayquaza Undiscovered
Jirachi Undiscovered
Deoxys Undiscovered
Budew Undiscovered
Chingling Undiscovered
Bonsly Undiscovered
Mime Jr. Undiscovered
Happiny Undiscovered
Munchlax Undiscovered
Riolu Undiscovered
Mantyke Undiscovered
Uxie Undiscovered
Mesprit Undiscovered
Azelf Undiscovered
Heatran Undiscovered
Regigigas Undiscovered
Giratina Undiscovered
Cresselia Undiscovered
Darkrai Undiscovered
Shaymin Undiscovered
Arceus Undiscovered
Victini Undiscovered
Cobalion Undiscovered
Terrakion Undiscovered
Virizion Undiscovered
Tornadus Undiscovered
Thundurus Undiscovered
Reshiram Undiscovered
Zekrom Undiscovered
Landorus Undiscovered
Kyurem Undiscovered
Keldeo Undiscovered
Meloetta Undiscovered
Genesect Undiscovered
Ash-Greninja Undiscovered
Xerneas Undiscovered
Yveltal Undiscovered
Zygarde Undiscovered
Diancie Undiscovered
Hoopa Undiscovered
Volcanion Undiscovered