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Version history

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For version history about the Pixelmon launcher, see this page.
For version history about sidemods, see this page.
For planned changes in the upcoming version of Pixelmon, see this page.

This is a list of all versions of Pixelmon, along with the changes that each version made to the mod.

Minecraft 1.10.2

Version 5.0.4

Released April 30, 2017.


  • Added "ridingSpeedMultiplier" config setting to allow riding speeds to be reduced
  • Added Shiny Pokémon icons to PokéChecker and trade machine screens
  • Allowed several commands to use "@" player selectors (/breed, /endbattle, /pokebattle, /pokebattle2, /pokesave, /pokestats, /resetpokestats, /spectate, /teach)
  • Breeding and evolution obey Generation config settings.
  • Changed default Shiny Pokémon rate to match Generation 6
  • Made warp plates unbreakable in Survival mode
  • Pokémon minisprites display in the battle GUI.
  • Prevented players from drowning while their Pokémon are evolving
  • Removed mention of advanced AI from "battleAIWild" and "battleAIBoss" config settings
  • Removed speed cap when hatching Eggs
  • Reorganized Pixelmon achievements screen
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Russian, and Spanish translations
  • Updated Sweet Scent to Generation 6 mechanics


Older versions