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Wawla (What Are We Looking At) is a mod that gives several details about blocks and entities if the player's cursor is pointed at them. It is an add-on for Waila (What Am I Looking At) and requires Waila to function. Wawla can function without Pixelmon but supports the use of Pixelmon alongside it, allowing the player to get details about Pokémon and Apricorn trees. Information about Wawla's non-Pixelmon functions can be found here.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Wawla version
1.7.10 3.5
  1. Download Wawla and its dependencies (Waila, Not Enough Items, CodeChickenCore). Be sure to download the versions for Minecraft 1.7.10.
  2. Place all four of the mods in the mods folder.

Wawla is a client-side mod, but servers can override the config settings of Wawla in order to limit its use by players on the server.


Wawla displays details about blocks and entities that the player's cursor is pointed at.

  • On Pokémon, Wawla displays the Pokémon's HP (in the form of hearts (HP≤40) or text (HP>40)), Ability, Nature, happiness, held item, growth, EVs, and IVs. If a Pokémon has its hidden Ability, the Ability's text will be yellow as opposed to the usual gray. Information will be displayed regardless of the Pokémon's owner (or lack thereof).
  • On Apricorn trees, Wawla displays how much the Apricorn tree has grown (percentage) and the type of Apricorn that the tree will produce.

Config settings

Wawla's Pixelmon-related settings can be found in the "Waila.cfg" file. There are two similar sections of the config file named "modules" and "server_forcing". "Modules" is the section that defines normal config settings for the client, and the "server_forcing" section allows server owners to override the "modules" settings for people who use Wawla on their server.

All of these fields exist in both "modules" and "server_forcing" and can be set to either true or false.

  • wawla.pixelmon.showAbility: Shows a Pokémon's Ability.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showApricornGrowth: Shows how much an Apricorn tree has grown.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showApricornProduct: Shows which type of Apricorn an Apricorn tree will produce.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showEV: Shows a Pokémon's EVs.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showFriendship: Shows the happiness of a Pokémon.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showHeldItem: Shows a Pokémon's held item.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showIV: Shows a Pokémon's IVs.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showNature: Shows a Pokémon's Nature.
  • wawla.pixelmon.showSize: Shows a Pokémon's growth.
  • wawla.pixelmon.useSneak: Requires the player to be sneaking to view any Pokémon attributes besides HP.


  • Wawla shows a Pokémon's intended Ability instead of "Coming Soon" if the Ability isn't implemented in Pixelmon yet.

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