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Arc Chalice

From Pixelmon Wiki

The Arc Chalice is found in a special structure that can rarely generate in Desert Hills, Desert M, and Mountainous Desert. It is used to obtain the Azure Flute, which is used in obtaining "The Original One", Arceus. The Arc Chalice is shaped much like a goblet, with a white texture and golden bands resembling the model of Arceus.



In order for the Arc Chalice to be utilized, the player must first obtain a Plate for each Pokémon typing, 17 in total. After each plate has been obtained, the player may right click the Chalice with one of each plate, which will result in a special particle effect activating and a message in chat indicating the number of remaining plates needed. After each plate is added to the chalice, the floating orbs will begin to spin and move toward the middle of the chalice. Once this is done, there will be an explosion sound and a glowing Azure Flute will appear atop the Arc Chalice.


Chalice some.png Chalice spinning.png Arc Chalice Struc.png

Config settings

  • "spawnStructures": If disabled, the Arc Chalice structure(and all other Pixelmon structures) will not spawn naturally.

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