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From Pixelmon Wiki

This page covers the different types of battles within the pixelmon mod.


Single Battle as the name suggests, players will battle with only one Pokémon sent out at any one time.


In a Double Battle, two teams of two Pokémon face each other in battle. One Trainer may control both Pokémon on either side of the battle, or two Trainers may cooperate on one or both sides of the battle, each controlling their own Pokémon.


As the name suggests, Triple Battles are a type of battle where each Trainer sends out three Pokémon at once. Due to this, they can be considered the successor to Double Battles, with the only difference seemingly being the number of Pokémon. However, there are some restrictions that differentiate the Triple Battle from its predecessor other than the amount of Pokémon, such as placement




A Pokémon Den is a location in where Dynamax Pokémon may reside, Pokémon Dens look like small stone circles and can be found either on land or in the water. When a Dynamax Pokémon is present, a giant pillar of light emerges from the den, visible from a great distance. When the Pokémon is defeated, the pillar of light disappears.

Below is a list of links that are associated with battling.

Types and Type Effectiveness

Move Types




Bonus: Some moves can have secondary status effects while still being a Physical or Special move

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