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From Pixelmon Wiki
Using a camera.

A camera is an item that can be used to obtain photos from Pokémon. A camera requires film to function, using up one film each time a photo is created with it.

A camera is operated by right-clicking while holding it. This will display a camera reticule in the center of the screen and the amount of film the player has. Once the camera screen is visible, left-clicking while looking at a Pokémon (within a 20-block range) will cause the camera to take a photo of the Pokémon, producing a photo of the Pokémon and using up a piece of film. If the player's inventory is full when taking a photo, the photo will be lost and a piece of film will be wasted.

If the player does not have any film, the camera reticule will still be displayed, but no photos will be produced by the camera. Either right-clicking or left-clicking while not looking at a Pokémon will cause the camera reticule to disappear.

Wild, player-owned, and NPC-Trainer-owned Pokémon, but not statues, can be photographed. If a Pokémon is Shiny, taking a photo of it will create a Shiny Pokémon photo.

Cameras can be obtained by crafting them.

Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate

Glass Pane

Redstone Torch


Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate


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