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Catch Combos

From Pixelmon Wiki

A Catch Combo is a chaining mechanic that awards players for consecutively capturing the same Pokémon species. After capturing two or more Pokémon of the same species in the row, the game will start keeping track of the Catch Combo, which is displayed in the upper-left corner during a wild Pokémon encounter and after a successful capture.

A Catch Combo is broken if one of the following occurs:

  • A wild Pokémon flees.
  • Pokémon of a different species is caught (including one of the same evolutionary family).
  • Exiting the game.

Catch Combo chains are not broken if the player runs away from a wild Pokémon.

Collecting fossil Pokémon from the Fossil Machine does not count towards the catch combo chain. Catching Pokémon spawned from the Cloning Machine or Shrines count towards the chain, but do not receive boosted IVs.

Catching a Pokémon that transforms into a Ditto on capture breaks the chain and the Ditto does not benefit from the chain.


Having a high enough Catch Combo yields a variety of rewards for the player. These include:

  • Greater Experience gained after capture
  • Guaranteed perfect IVs
  • Increased chance that the Pokémon being chained in the Catch Combo spawns as Shiny, which can be boosted further using either Weak Shiny Lure (x1.22) or Strong Shiny Lure (x1.73), as well as a Shiny Charm (x3).
Chain Length Exp, Bonus Perfect IVs Shiny Chance
0 x1 0 x1
1-10 x1.1
11-20 x1.5 2 x1.4
21-30 x2 3 x1.8
31-40 x2.5 4 x2.2
41+ x3

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